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    Thoughts on Destiny beta

    I played it for a few hours and found it very repetitive - it didn't seem to bring anything to the table that made me thought "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS GAME!!". I will wait and see what the thoughts are on the finished product but I think I will be saving my money for other releases.
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    Old consoles

    Only got the XBone - I always trade old tech in for new!
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    Hey guys - hopefully we can get this forum humming! Would be good to get back into some regular gaming again!
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    Where did you find CVG?

    Saw it on Gamesworld360 - which is now all but dead!
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    Saw that this forum had started up from GW360 and as nearly all the forums I have been part of shrivelled up I was hoping this one would kick some life back into a community! Got the XBone since day 1 and love it. I find it hard to find the time to play much any more due to personal changes and...