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  1. agamer

    Nintendo Switch Lite officially revealed

    Think this will be popular.
  2. agamer

    Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC mentioned in Social Club source code

    Still not finished this, must get back to it
  3. agamer

    Switch: Handheld or docked

    Handheld most of the time
  4. agamer

    Old gaming consoles

    Mine are around somewhere, don't know where though.
  5. agamer

    New Xbox desktop experience coming, current app renamed to Xbox Console Companion

    I have the app open whenever on my PC, good to have everything in one place.
  6. agamer

    Do you own a Switch?

    Same for me, sitting in the dock under the TV gathering dust
  7. agamer

    Discord integration

    Never used discord, need to sign up and join the channel
  8. agamer

    Sony confirms PS5 won't be released before April 2020

    Think both the MS and Sony will release for the holiday season 2020
  9. agamer

    Upgrading to Xbox One X

    Yes, especially if you have a 4K TV
  10. agamer

    Master Chief has been cast for the Halo TV series

    Hope this is better than some previous movie/TV crossovers.
  11. agamer

    Star Wars: Episode IX's First Trailer

    Brilliant trailer, hope to see more soon.
  12. agamer

    Fixed Reactions popup in wrong place

    Didn't even notice it was broken :)
  13. agamer

    Borderlands 3 officially announced

    First one was a great game, hope this is as good.
  14. agamer

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome aboard, hope you find the site useful.
  15. agamer

    How long have you been gaming

    Far too long for me to remember
  16. agamer

    Cost of gaming PC

    Mine cost around £1200 about 2 years ago, needs updating though
  17. agamer

    Metro Exodus

    Never played any of this series, videos I've seen look good though
  18. agamer

    Xbox One Far Cry: New Dawn

    Will get this at some point in the future, looks good.
  19. agamer

    Microsoft working on Xbox Live SDK to make cross-platform play easier

    One day all games will be playable on all platforms together.