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  1. kenny

    Xbox July 2019 Update

    Something else I can link my Alexa to :)
  2. kenny

    Overwatch overhauling matchmaking with new Role Queue function

    Blizzard has announced a new feature coming to Overwatch, which is set to shake up matchmaking and player character choice in its popular online hero shooter. Called 'Role Queue' the feature will now ask players to pick a role before joining a match, and then they'll only be able to pick heroes...
  3. kenny

    Gears 5 confirms cross platform support in Escape mode

    The Coalition has confirmed that players on Xbox One and PC will be able to play together in more modes when Gears 5 releases later this year. Speaking to Gamespot (spotted by XboxAchievements) Multiplayer Director Ryan Cleven confirmed that the new Escape mode - in which three players must...
  4. kenny

    Spider Man: New suits added for free for PS4 gamers

    They look good, free as well which makes it even better.
  5. kenny

    Switch: Handheld or docked

    Docked most of the time, if on a long train journey will take it with me though.
  6. kenny

    Old gaming consoles

    Mine are all in boxes in the loft, probably should check them some day to see if they still work
  7. kenny

    Respawn shares first details about Apex Legends Season 2

    In their newest news update, developer Respawn has decided to outline some choice features of the second season of their breakout battle royale hit Apex Legends. Next weekend, on June 8th, will delve deeper into Season 2 during EA Play Livestream. Respawn Entertainment made a huge splash on the...
  8. kenny

    Ubisoft reveals open-world Ghost Recon Breakpoint ahead of E3

    Trailer and gameplay look really good, never played Wildlands so will be a new game if I get it.
  9. kenny

    Upgrading to Xbox One X

    Yes, great console as far as I'm concerned.
  10. kenny

    Star Wars: Episode IX's First Trailer

    Good teaser, hope the film is good.
  11. kenny

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC beta test has been delayed

    It will be released one day I suppose.
  12. kenny

    Xbox One Battlefield V

    Still not played Firestorm yet, must give it a go sometime
  13. kenny

    Nintendo says it has no plans to unveil new hardware at E3

    Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa has revealed the format holder has no plans to unveil fresh hardware at this year's E3. Speaking during the Big N's latest financial results (via Gematsu), Furukawa added that the company is always working on new hardware internally, but even so, we won't get a...
  14. kenny

    Discord integration

    Never used disocrd, will take a look though
  15. kenny

    Do you own a Switch?

    Yes, very rarely gets used though
  16. kenny

    Ubisoft to donate €500,000 to Notre-Dame restoration

    Good to see the gaming community helping out with such a tragedy
  17. kenny

    Xbox One Battlefield V

    Not tried Firestorm yet, is it any good?
  18. kenny

    Borderlands 3 launches September 13, PC Exclusive on Epic Games Store

    Nice, looking forward to this
  19. kenny

    Sony confirms PS5 won't be released before April 2020

    Sony has revealed during its latest earnings call that its next-generation console, which, let's face it, will probably be called PlayStation 5, won't be released before April 2020. That means no new PlayStation console until May next year at the very earliest, although typically, Sony tends to...