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  1. agamer

    Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Free 4K, 60FPS Upgrade On Xbox Series X

    Hopefully all studios will release the upgrades for free, can't see it happening though
  2. agamer

    Playstation 5 Install Sizes Revealed By Sony

    If games are going to be 4K then file sizes will go up, should add more drive space as default.
  3. agamer

    Wynonna Earp

    Trailer looks good, will add this to the watch list
  4. agamer

    Forza Motorsport for Series X

    Trailer looks good, hope the game is as good
  5. agamer

    Microsoft Updating Xbox Game Pass Branding

    Looks better
  6. agamer


    Just watched the 1st episode, thought it was good.
  7. agamer


    Great show, shame it's coming to an end.
  8. agamer

    Playstation 5 revealed

    Not a fan of the white, some of the custom ones I've seen look good though.
  9. agamer

    Additional Nintendo Network ID Accounts Compromised

    That's a big leak!! Why do companies not tell people straight away when this happens.
  10. agamer

    Xbox System Update - June 2020

    Looks good
  11. agamer

    Is This The New Xbox Series X Start-Up Sequence?

    Nice and simple, looks good
  12. agamer

    We’ll get a look at Microsoft’s Xbox Series X games this summer

    Looking forward to seeing what they have all been working on.
  13. agamer

    Variable Rate Shading is coming with Xbox Series X

    No idea what that means looks good
  14. agamer

    Mouse and keyboard combo

    I don't see a problem with it but have never used mouse & keyboard with the Xbox. I do on the PC and never had an issue with both using one dongle, can't see why it wouldn't work.
  15. agamer

    Microsoft has trademarked the Series X logo

    Nice and simple, like it.
  16. agamer

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass for console in May

    Never did finish this, must go back to it at some point.
  17. agamer

    Microsoft could host a May event with information on Xbox Series S Lockhart, new games – rumor

    I suppose they have to release new product info at some point.
  18. agamer

    Crysis Remastered headed for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

    Never played this, will take a look once it's released.