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  1. agamer

    Xbox One Halo Infinite

    Sounds good, more time to get the stuff you want. Better system than many other games.
  2. agamer

    PS5 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Deluxe Edition

    Agreed, not worth getting this. oesn't look very popular.
  3. agamer

    Call Of Duty: Vanguard

    No, giving this version a miss.
  4. agamer

    Xbox Series S|X Get New 512GB & 2TB Storage Expansion Card Options

    Still trying to find the new console in stock :(
  5. agamer

    Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5

    Almost time for this now :)
  6. agamer


  7. agamer

    Xbox One Halo Infinite

    New screenshots & gameplay look great, really looking forward to this now
  8. agamer

    Black Widow (2021)

    Watched this last night, really enjoyable film. Shame they killed her off in the recent films
  9. agamer

    Xbox One NBA 2K21

    Not really a fan of Basketball, not planning on getting this.
  10. agamer

    Xbox One Halo Infinite

    Another game to add to the wish list
  11. agamer

    Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5

    Excellent news, love the Forza series
  12. agamer

    Far Cry 6

    This looks to be a good game, intending on picking this up
  13. agamer

    Wii Sports

    Never did but a Wii
  14. agamer

    Xbox One Cyberpunk 2077

    Still want to play this but waiting for it to go on sale
  15. agamer

    HI there

    Welcome :)
  16. agamer

    Do you stream?

    No, not good enough and would never get any viewers
  17. agamer

    EA Play Live 2021

    Be glad when everything is back to normal
  18. agamer

    The New Xbox Wireless Headset Comes With 6 Months Of Dolby Atmos

    Headset looks nice, could do with a new one.
  19. agamer

    New site features added

    Will see what I can add