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  1. kenny

    Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5

    Got mine pre-loaded already, time to race :)
  2. kenny

    Xbox Series X Call Of Duty: Vanguard

    Probably going to wait a while for this, got some other stuff to finish first.
  3. kenny

    PS5 Battlefield 2042

    Looking forward to this, should be good.
  4. kenny

    Xbox Series S|X Get New 512GB & 2TB Storage Expansion Card Options

    Goo to se another size option, need to open it out to different companies though
  5. kenny

    Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5

    Very nice
  6. kenny

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    About to get a new PC so will be getting this soon
  7. kenny

    Xbox One Halo Infinite

    Anyone got in to the testing they have been doing?
  8. kenny

    The Suicide Squad (2021)

    Not seen this yet, on the long list though
  9. kenny

    Jungle Cruise (2021)

    Enjoyed watching this, could have been better though
  10. kenny

    Black Widow (2021)

    Haven't seen it yet, hopefully this weekend
  11. kenny

    Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to PC, Consoles and Web Browsers

    Interesting idea if they can make it work.
  12. kenny

    Xbox Series X Starfield

    Will keep an eye on this, looks interesting
  13. kenny

    Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5

    This should be good, love racing games.
  14. kenny

    Xbox One Halo Infinite

    Looks good, really enjoyed the previous games.
  15. kenny

    Crysis Remastered Trilogy

    Never played any of these, may be worth picking up
  16. kenny

    Two Point Campus Has Leaked Onto The Microsoft Store

    Looks interesting, not played a sims type game for many years
  17. kenny

    Wii Sports

    I spent hours playing this, great fun
  18. kenny

    Watch Dogs: Legions 60FPS mode in June

    Problem is I still can't get one of the new consoles to play it on
  19. kenny

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

    Might pick this up now
  20. kenny

    EA Play Live 2021

    Looking forward to the Battlefield reveal, hope it's set in modern times though