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  1. kenny

    You'll Get 802GB Of Usable Storage Space With Your Xbox Series X

    They have to put the OS somewhere.
  2. kenny

    Xbox One Skater XL

    Never been a skateboarding fan, won't be getting this.
  3. kenny

    Xbox Series SSD Expansion Cards Will Be Hot Swappable

    Officially confirmed to be £200, hopefully will become cheaper after a while
  4. kenny

    Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Free 4K, 60FPS Upgrade On Xbox Series X

    Hope more games get free upgrades as well
  5. kenny

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha update around the corner and more invitations being sent out

    More invites going out soon, hope I get one.
  6. kenny

    Space Force

    Really wanted this to be good but it's not.
  7. kenny

    Large Xbox Store Update Coming Soon

    Looks better than it does now, getting ready for Series X?
  8. kenny


    Love this show, real shame it's coming to an end.
  9. kenny

    Small move around of forums

    Makes sense, should make it easier to navigate around.
  10. kenny

    ESRB adds new logo for loot boxes and other random items

    It's a good idea but don't think many people take notice of that sort of thing
  11. kenny

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha update around the corner and more invitations being sent out

    Quite looking forward to this, not played one of these for years.
  12. kenny

    Microsoft has trademarked the Series X logo

    Simple clean logo, looks good
  13. kenny

    Sony unveils the DualSense, the new PlayStation 5 controller

    Looks nice, wonder what it feels like in the hand though
  14. kenny

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered artwork discovered in Modern Warfare 2019

    Shames it's PS4 timed exclusive, really wish they wouldn't do that sort of thing.
  15. kenny

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Haven't used my switch for a long time, need something new for it.
  16. kenny

    Remedy announces Control’s first DLC will release on March 26

    Never did get round to playing this, list of games is getting longer.
  17. kenny

    Official Xbox Magazine Has Closed Down

    That's a shame, used to buy this regulaly
  18. kenny

    DOOM Eternal

    Only played for a few minutes, great game so far
  19. kenny

    Cyberpunk 2077 is being delayed until 17 September 2020

    Real shame it's been delayed, hope it doesn't get delayed even further.