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  1. agamer

    Here are all 20 Games bundled with the PlayStation Classic

    Tempted to get one of these
  2. agamer

    Disc-less Xbox One Console Releasing in Spring 2019

    Most of my games are digital now so this sounds good
  3. agamer

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Not getting this one, given up on COD games I think.
  4. agamer

    Xbox One Forza Horizon 4

    Superb game, great fun
  5. agamer

    Introducing Microsoft's Project xCloud

    Wouldn't mind giving this a go once it's released.
  6. agamer

    PlayStation now allows Fortnite Cross-Play between all platforms

    Never thought they would give in.
  7. agamer

    Burnout Paradise Remastered is finally coming to PC

    Criterion Games has confirmed that Burnout Paradise Remastered will launch for PC on August 21. The spruced up version of 2008's critically acclaimed racer was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in March. It features enhanced visuals as you'd expect, as well as a buttery-smooth frame...
  8. agamer

    id Software showcases insane first gameplay for Doom Eternal

    Loved the original Doom, this looks great
  9. agamer


    Not my sort of game
  10. agamer

    Grand Theft Auto V officially getting nightclubs DLC in July

    Good to see a developer providing new content so long after the games release.
  11. agamer

    Google reportedly working on streaming games platform called Yeti

    More choice is always good, probably be the same games though unless they get some exclusives.
  12. agamer

    Showtime picks up Halo TV series, Production starting early 2019

    Look forward to seeing this, hope it's better than some other game to film/tv franchises have been
  13. agamer

    We are back

    Site looks good :)
  14. agamer

    Destiny 2’s first raid goes live a week after release

    Missed this but seen some videos, looked a bit complicated
  15. agamer

    Here's the control scheme for PUBG on Xbox One

    Looks like most other setups
  16. agamer

    Xbox One to get "Expanded Resources" feature with Fall Creators update

    Sounds good to me, why download stuff you are never going to use
  17. agamer

    Xbox Store gifting or wishlists coming "very soon"

    This could come in handy over Christmas
  18. agamer

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds desert map raises the playing field

    Looks good, a lot of hiding places available.