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  1. creaky

    State of Play

    Sony is launching a new PlayStation video series called State of Play, the first live episode is set to air March 25th on Twitch and YouTube. There will be trailers, gameplay footage, and new game announcements for the PlayStation platform. Sony has officially started their own type of Nintendo...
  2. creaky

    Epic games store

    Is anyone using the Epic games store for your games? If so what do you think of it and how does it compare to steam?
  3. creaky

    Google Stadia

    Some really good ideas in there. It's going to be so variable though, ultra dependent on having a low latency connection, which has been the downfall of every other streaming service. Getting the machines closer to the user will make a difference though, one of the benefits of having cloud...
  4. creaky

    Google announces Stadia, a gaming platform for everyone coming in 2019

    At its GDC keynote today, Google announced Stadia, a gaming platform that's meant to bring developers, content creators, and players together in a new way. The service will rely on Google's data servers to bring games to everyone, as demonstrated late last year with Project Stream and Assassin's...
  5. creaky

    Xbox One Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    Ended up buying the Gold version of this for early access, only played a coupe of hours but really good so far.
  6. creaky

    Xbox One Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    The official launch trailer has now been released
  7. creaky

    EA won't have an E3 press conference this year

    Publishing giant Electronic Arts has confirmed its plans for E3 2019, revealing it won't be hosting a press conference this year. Writing in a new post on its website, the company confirmed that, while it's 'skipping the press conference this year,' it will still be hosting its usual EA Play...
  8. creaky

    Xbox One Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    Updates from the latest "state of the game" stream
  9. creaky

    Xbox One Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    A little more information about Clans..... Clans will allow up to 50 accounts to join and work as a team, though each account can link up to 4 characters. Members can leave messages for one another, and those in admin roles can pin messages and organise further events. If you’re not feeling...
  10. creaky

    Xbox One Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    Really looking forward to this
  11. creaky

    Rumour: Microsoft's disc-less Xbox to be called Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

    We've been hearing about Microsoft's upcoming digital-only variant of the Xbox One for some time, and it looks like the new hardware might be launching fairly soon. According to a report from Windows Central, the disc-less version of the Xbox One S will be available for pre-order sometime in...
  12. creaky

    Just Cause 4 is now available on the Xbox Game Pass

    Just Cause 4 has just been made available on the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's game subscription service on the Xbox One. A surprising addition considering the Square Enix published game launched just three months ago. Another major release from the publisher, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, joined...
  13. creaky

    Anthem PS4 crashing issues are being investigated by EA

    Electronic Arts has confirmed it's investigating reports of Anthem crashing PlayStation 4 consoles. The troubled sci-fi loot shooter has had its fair share of technical hiccups since its February 22 launch. Over the weekend, reports started cropping up on Anthem's subreddit that the game had...
  14. creaky

    Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield announced for Switch

    Only got a couple of games on the switch, may give this a go once it's out.
  15. creaky

    Cost of gaming PC

    Stopped PC gaming a couple of years ago due to the cost, wouldn't mind starting up again though
  16. creaky

    Microsoft adds two new games to Xbox One's backwards compatibility lineup

    Xbox One's backwards compatibility lineup has been bolstered again this week with the addition of two new games, Major Nelson has confirmed. First up is Hydrophobia, the deep-sea survival horror title released back in 2010 for Xbox Live Arcade and later ported to PC and PlayStation 3. Developed...
  17. creaky

    Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield announced for Switch

    The Big N has announced the next slew of Pokemon games, with Pokemon Sword and Shield taking place in a brand new region and featuring never-before-seen Pokemon to hoover up. Remember that traditional Pokemon RPG that Nintendo promised last year? Yep, this is it. Both games take place in the...
  18. creaky

    Xbox One Crackdown 3

    Agreed, first one was great fun. Not really enjoying this one but will finish it then trade it in.
  19. creaky

    Real Racing 3

    Worth getting?
  20. creaky


    How does this play on a mobile device?