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  1. agamer

    How long have you been gaming

    Far too long for me to remember
  2. agamer

    Cost of gaming PC

    Mine cost around £1200 about 2 years ago, needs updating though
  3. agamer

    Metro Exodus

    Never played any of this series, videos I've seen look good though
  4. agamer

    Xbox One Far Cry: New Dawn

    Will get this at some point in the future, looks good.
  5. agamer

    Microsoft working on Xbox Live SDK to make cross-platform play easier

    One day all games will be playable on all platforms together.
  6. agamer

    What time of day do you play games?

    Mostly evenings, at work during the day
  7. agamer

    Do you listen to music while gaming

    No, prefer to hear what's going on in the game.
  8. agamer

    Apex Legends

    Not tried this yet, does look good though
  9. agamer

    Xbox One Crackdown 3

    It's not as good as the original but still fun, not tried Wrecking Zone yet though.
  10. agamer

    What game have you completed latley

    None :(
  11. agamer

    How long have you been a gamer?

    To long to remember
  12. agamer

    PUBG's new winter-themed map, Vikendi, is out now on Xbox One

    Not played this for a long time, new map looks good though
  13. agamer

    Xbox One Resident Evil 2

    Just bought this, got it downloading now. Never played the original so will all be new to me.
  14. agamer

    Xbox One Red Dead Redemption 2

    Really enjoying this, not finished the main story yet as keep getting sidetracked.
  15. agamer

    Xbox One Forza Horizon 4

    The new Island appears small, hopefully the next update will be larger
  16. agamer

    Xbox One Battlefield V

    Enjoying this so far, the 1st DLC is out as well
  17. agamer

    Black Ops 4 Battle Edition doesn't include zombies

    Tempted by this, never did play the zombie modes
  18. agamer

    Forza Horizon 4's Fortune Island DLC is basically a treasure hunt

    Started this now, so far so good.
  19. agamer

    Here are all 20 Games bundled with the PlayStation Classic

    Tempted to get one of these