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  1. grjoker

    Xbox 360 Red Dead Redemption

    Cannot wait to get home and play this game!!
  2. grjoker

    Red Dead Redemption Heading to Xbox One?

    I can't wait for this!!
  3. grjoker

    GTA Online gets new expansion on June 7th

    I would like to, but I think I will not get to enjoy most of the perks coming out on this expansion.
  4. grjoker

    New Xbox One Wireless Controller - Build Your Own

    I can't wait to make my RG9 remote!!!
  5. grjoker

    The New Xbox One - Project Scorpio

    Looking forward to this coming out. I just hope that it lives up to the hype and we get the games to make this a good purchase.
  6. grjoker

    Upcoming Xbox Live Gamertag purge is your shot at a less dumb account name

    I am wondering if Joker will be available?!?
  7. grjoker

    The Division season pass items for May have been released

    I did not see the skins but will look tomorrow
  8. grjoker

    Battlefield 1 Collectors edition

    Not exited at all about this game....can't wait for someone to make a game like this in 3rd or give a 3rd person view on a game like this.
  9. grjoker

    The Division 1.2 patch news

    It will be good to have better gear drop, makes playing the game better.
  10. grjoker

    Two-Hour PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Next Week

    I am glad to see they take the time to maintain their stuff!!
  11. grjoker

    PS4 Firmware 3.50 Has Hidden Features

    Looking for one now lol
  12. grjoker

    Rogue One Teaser Trailer

    Yeah, I am wondering how many of these spin offs/back stories are we going to get?
  13. grjoker

    Rogue One Teaser Trailer

    Looks interesting
  14. grjoker

    Everything we know about The Division's "Falcon Lost" incursion and update 1.1

    I am looking forward to this update!!
  15. grjoker

    Cross-network play coming to Xbox One and Windows 10

    I am hoping this goes through and that is available for all games....I have some friends on the PC I would love to play Division with
  16. grjoker

    New features coming to Xbox One

    Looking forward to these!!
  17. grjoker

    Tom Clancy's: The Division

    Love this game, it consumes my life outside of work lol
  18. grjoker

    Leak pointing to The Division open beta

    Already got the update and now waiting for Thursday!!
  19. grjoker

    Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and More Rockstar Games Discounted on PSN

    I will be getting me some of those!!
  20. grjoker

    Leak pointing to The Division open beta

    I am ready for this!!