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  1. Demonik-Caveman

    New posts

    What happened to the site telling you when there are new posts and putting them together? Now it doesn't tell me that I have read posts either even when i have? Not complaining, just made things easier.
  2. Demonik-Caveman


    What games are people looking forward to this year. I'm hoping for an announcement and release of Fallout 4.
  3. Demonik-Caveman

    Destiny player needed

    Has anyone else Demonik Caveman Destiny on Xbox One? Me and the mrs need another player to do the weekly Strike. Tried it on our own but too hard for 2 players. will help you with anything too. We're usually on around 9pm - 11pm. Cheers. :) My gamertag is Demonik Caveman.
  4. Demonik-Caveman

    Back on Live

    I am now the proud owner of an Xbox One. Got the Titanfall pack for £349.99 from Asda. Good times. :)
  5. Demonik-Caveman

    PS4 players

    Anyone else on here on PS4? :)
  6. Demonik-Caveman


    Hi, my name is Lee. I'm 36 and own a PS4. I am currently playing Thief, but enjoy a blast on CoD and Killzone. :)