1. creaky

    Xbox Insiders on the Alpha ring can now gift games to friends

    At PAX West earlier this month, Microsoft promised two of the most requested features from Xbox users, the ability to send games as gifts to friends and wishlisting, would be making their way to the company's gaming console soon. Earlier in the year, a Microsoft executive had also claimed the...
  2. creaky

    Xbox Insider Preview build 15063.4073 is now available in the Alpha ring

    Microsoft has been on a bit of a tear lately, releasing three new Xbox One Insider Preview builds to the Alpha ring within the span of about 24 hours. The latest was at 6:00pm Pacific Time, and that's build 15063.4073, or rs2_release_xbox_1706.170623-2014. We can see from the build string that...
  3. creaky

    Custom Gamerpics are now available for Xbox Insiders in the Preview Alpha ring

    Last month, Microsoft announced a range of new features that were coming to the Xbox One. While the firm released that update today, some of the promised features didn't make the cut, and one of those was Custom Gamerpics. As was promised earlier this week, Custom Gamerpics have been turned on...
  4. creaky

    Battlefield 1 closed alpha images leak

    A number of images have been leaked of the closed alpha of Battlefield1, the test was only made available to a select few users. Those that did get invited had to agree to not share any game footage or images of the game, the build is the same one used at E3. The leaked images show menus...
  5. creaky

    Xbox One Division pre-orders get an alpha early but everyone else is getting the beta late

    I'm starting to think that The Division's constantly-shifting release dates are part of some massive ARG no one's noticed. Someone will add up all the days it's been delayed and find out that it's a Dewey Decimal number, go to the library and find a book about guns, or something. In the latest...
  6. creaky

    Doom Closed Alpha Announced

    Did you buy or Pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order on or before May 26, 2014 then you're in luck. You'll be eligible to possibly get selected for the Doom Closed Alpha. The Alpha, which will be multiplayer only, is a series of development-driven tests that are designed to stress test the...