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  1. creaky

    PS4 Pro can now play 4K video via the Media Player app thanks to a new update

    Before its official unveiling, the PS4 Pro was sometimes referred to as the "PS4K" due to its (then-rumored) support of 4K video. And while the console that launched in November 2016 did support 4K in ways such as Netflix and some games, its own Media Player app lacked the compatibility. But no...
  2. creaky

    Xbox One Finally Gets ITV Hub Catchup App

    ITV's catalog of television is finally available to watch on Xbox One, as the network's app is available now on the Xbox Store. ITV Hub is the rebranded version of ITV Player. You'll need an ITV account to watch shows on demand, but it's free to sign up. It's only available to use in the UK...
  3. agamer

    Xbox One App Hints At Game Streaming From Console To Windows Phone

    A new beta Xbox App for Windows Phone hints at the possibility for game-streaming from console to smartphone. While the feature itself doesn't work, a button in the app is called 'play from console', which has replaced the 'play on console' button that was included in earlier versions of the...
  4. agamer

    HBO NOW app releases on Xbox One, 360

    The Xbox One just got one app richer with the HBO NOW application. The app, which is currently available, will allow you to obsessively stream HBO shows and movies without requiring a TV cable package. The best part of the $15 a month app? Shows will be available on the application as they...
  5. agamer

    Microsoft details new features for Xbox One Preview and Windows 10 Xbox Beta app

    Back in November, Microsoft rolled out the New Xbox One Experience, delivering a major Windows 10-based overhaul for the console's software. After releasing a minor update in December, bringing bug fixes and stability enhancements, the company has announced new features on the way - and as ever...
  6. creaky

    Sony's working on PS4 Remote Play for Mac and PC

    Sony is working on an official Remote Play app for Mac and PC. Sony president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed development on Twitter. Presumably this will just mean plugging in your Dual Shock and getting down to business on your PC or Mac with no need for any of the alternate control set ups...
  7. creaky

    New Features Announced for Xbox App on Windows 10

    Microsoft has unveiled several new features which will be available from today for the Xbox app on Windows 10. New features will include: - Record voiceover in your Game DVR clips on your PC: With today’s Xbox app update running on the latest Windows 10 update, you can now plug in a headset...
  8. agamer

    More Features Added To Xbox Beta App for Windows 10

    More features are being added to the Xbox Beta App for Windows 10 this weekend, and there's also news on when Cortana will be added. Xbox beta Windows 10 app by agamer posted Oct 4, 2015 at 1:30 PM Features being added to the program this weekend are: Party text chat – Now available for Xbox...
  9. creaky

    Windows 10 Xbox Beta app now available for download

    When Windows 10 dropped only mere months ago, we were treated with a new Xbox app, hosting a range of features to link gaming in the living room, with a PC experience. Features such cross-platform licenses, Xbox-to-PC game streaming, and cross platform multiplayer were brought to Xbox Live...