1. creaky

    Getting Started with Background Music on Xbox One

    A post to the Xbox Wire yesterday by Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief, provided a short guide to using the new background music feature on Xbox One, and also provided some insight into the current and upcoming compatible apps. Getting Started with Background Music on Xbox One One of...
  2. creaky

    Xbox One finally gets background music with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    Prepare your summer jams, Xbox faithful. Microsoft has confirmed that it will finally enable playing background music in Xbox One as part of the cross-platform Windows 10 Anniversary update rolling out on August 2. Xbox 360 has allowed users to stream music off hard drives or external mp3...
  3. creaky

    Microsoft says background music playback won't be coming to the Xbox One "before summer"

    In November, Microsoft rolled out the New Xbox One Experience - a massive software update for the console based on Windows 10 - bringing a completely redesigned interface, along with a range of new features. Of course, plenty of other features are still in development, but one in particular -...
  4. agamer

    Here's a template to help you make Xbox One backgrounds

    If you're looking for a way to spice up your new Xbox One dashboard, Microsoft has something that might help: a downloadable .psd image template featuring all the buttons and icons in the New Xbox Experience so you can create your own custom background. Although custom background images have...