1. creaky

    Battlefield 1 expansion In the Name of the Tsar gets a release date

    EA has announced that the next expansion for Battlefield 1, In the Name of the Tsar, will be released on September 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The DLC will also bring the game’s first female multiplayer character. Premium Pass holders will be able to play the expansion from September...
  2. creaky

    Battlefield 1 Getting Monthly Updates, New DLC Concept Art Released

    The future of Battlefield 1 is coming into focus. In a blog post titled "The Road Ahead for Battlefield 1," DICE talked about some of what's coming to the World War I shooter and more. First, the developer confirmed the game will get monthly updates. Previous entries in the series have instead...
  3. creaky

    Battlefield 1 launching 'Premium Friends' with plenty of benefits

    DICE has been looking at ways of improving the multiplayer experience in Battlefield 1, and now it seems like they have found a way with their new "Premium Friends" system. There is one specific area that the developers at DICE have kept their eyes on, explained Producer Andreas Skoglund, and...
  4. creaky

    Battlefield 1's "They Shall Not Pass" DLC gets a concept art teaser

    The first teaser for Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC has arrived, and it's not exactly a "sacre bleu!" worthy moment, but it's still nice to see. Battlefield's official Twitter account delivered this message earlier today: The French text translates to "Be ready". The scene shows a...
  5. creaky

    EA Streaming Battlefield 1 Every Day Until Release

    EA has announced it will host daily livestreams of Battlefield 1 gameplay in the lead up to its launch on October 21. In a post on the official Battlefield 1 website, the company said it will be showing off "a whole lot" of the game. "We'll have every map on display, from Sinai Desert to Suez...
  6. kenny

    Watch the first 12 minutes of the Battlefield 1 single-player campaign

    Watch the first 12 minutes of Battlefield 1 below, looking good to me.
  7. creaky

    First look at Battlefield 1 single-player is coming September 27

    Battlefield 1 will be available in stores and digitally on October 21 - just a little over three weeks from now - and yet we still haven't gotten a substantial look at the game's single-player campaign. That changes tomorrow, September 27, when a reveal trailer will go live on the official...
  8. creaky

    Battlefield 4 Update Cleans Up Menus and Gets Rid of Battlelog

    An update for Battlefield 4 has been released for Xbox One and PS4 today. The update cleans up the menu system in an effort to establish a unified inteface accross all Battlefield games. The changes are included in a 4GB patch to make it easier for players to get in to multiplayer games. The...
  9. creaky

    Battlefield 1 Premium Pass includes early access to 16 new maps, costs £39.99

    EA has revealed the first details on Battlefield 1's Premium Pass, a £39.99 Season Pass that grants access to 4 upcoming expansion packs, new weapons and additional bonuses. As detailed on Origin, the Premium Pass grants players two week early access to each of the game's four expansion packs...
  10. creaky

    Battlefield 1 Beta Map -- New Information Revealed

    DICE has shared some new information about Battlefield 1's Sinai Desert map, which you'll get to try for yourself during the World War I shooter's beta next week. In a blog post, DICE starting off by saying this map is inspired by real-world battles in the Middle East when allied forces fought...
  11. kenny

    Battlefield 1 will be throwing dynamic weather at you no matter which map you are playing

    Over the last console generation or so, shooter fans have gotten used to modern and futuristic games that provide such conveniences as GPS and infrared, which in some respects have taken away the necessity of learning the ins and outs of every map in a given game. That won't be the case in...
  12. creaky

    Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer

    New gameplay trailer released
  13. creaky

    Battlefield 1 Beta: Here's How to Choose Your Preferred Platform

    Electronic Arts continues to prepare for the start of the Battlefield 1 beta. The company has now updated the Battlefield Insider page to allow users to select their preferred platform for the upcoming beta. You can choose either Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC (via Origin). It looks like you...
  14. creaky

    EA is teasing Battlefield 1 beta news

    We know virtually nothing about the Battlefield 1 beta. We know there’s going to be one, and it’ll be held this summer. But we may be close to learning more about it, according to a recent tweet from the Battlefield Twitter account. The message simply says news about the beta is coming...
  15. creaky

    Battlefield 1 closed alpha images leak

    A number of images have been leaked of the closed alpha of Battlefield1, the test was only made available to a select few users. Those that did get invited had to agree to not share any game footage or images of the game, the build is the same one used at E3. The leaked images show menus...
  16. agamer

    EA is giving away Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC for free

    EA's continuing its Road To Battlefield promotion with even more free DLC. Battlefield 4's Final Stand add on is now available for a total of no money across all platforms (including PS3 and Xbox 360) but it's only for a limited time. The promo stops on May 24, so get onto PSN, Xbox Live or...
  17. agamer

    Battlefield 1 Collectors edition

    Most games these days come with a collectors edition, it seems that Battlefield 1 is no exception to that. In the image below you can see the items that come with this edition of the game, the main focus is on the Harlem Hell Fighters. Battlefield 1 by agamer posted May 8, 2016 at 5:30 PM...
  18. creaky

    Watch Battlefield 1 reveal trailer

    This is the reveal trailer for Battlefield 1 set in World War 1 EA and DICE also confirmed that the historically inspired shooter will be released on October 21. You can even start playing three days early if you pre-order a copy of the game.
  19. agamer

    Battlefield 5 News

    Battlefield 5 world premiere scheduled for May 6 A countdown page has popped up on the Battlefield website announcing the date and time for the world premiere of Battlefield 5. As well as the premiere of the game, there will also be a developer panel, and the entire event will provide an...
  20. creaky

    Battlefield 5 Listed As Multiplayer WW1 Tactical Shooter

    Battlefield 5 could be heading to back to the past, as a German retailer has listed the game as a “multiplayer tactical shooter” set during World War 1. The listing gives the game a release date of October 26 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said the shooter would “return to a...