1. creaky

    Xbox Team Investigating Issues With Unresponsive Guide Button

    If you've been having issues where the Xbox Guide button appears to be slow and unresponsive, you're not alone. Over on Twitter, Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie has confirmed the team is trying to "nail down what's going on." We've seen reports from multiple Xbox users in recent weeks that the...
  2. creaky

    Microsoft is researching a new type of Xbox controller for various devices

    Windows Central is reporting that tech giant Microsoft is hard at work to bridge the gap between traditional controllers for consoles/PC and mobile devices which traditionally rely on touch input. From research papers and patent designs by Microsoft, this new Xbox controller are...
  3. creaky

    Three new Crystal Dualshock controllers revealed

    Three new Crystal Dualshock controllers are joining the official PlayStation range. Available October 17 the controllers come in red, white and blue. It’s not the first time PlayStation have released a special edition crystal edition of the Dualshock – a simple white crystal controller was...
  4. creaky

    Microsoft introduces two more color options for the Xbox Wireless Controller

    A week after celebrating Xbox achievements in 2016, Microsoft today introduced two more color options for its Xbox Wireless Controller. According to the press release, both controllers feature the latest technologies available for the Xbox Wireless Controller range, which include textured grip...
  5. creaky

    Steam to have native support for PS4 controller

    In the past few days, Valve has held its Steam Dev Days event and has announced that Steam will soon have native support for PlayStation 4 controllers, without the need for third-party software to enable it to work. The update that will enable PS4 controller compatibility is to the Steam...
  6. agamer

    New Xbox One Wireless Controller - Build Your Own

    Microsoft will let users customise their own Xbox One wireless controllers, offering a wide range of colour choices and the ability to add your name or gamertag to the device. No word on when these options, bundled under the banner “Xbox Design Lab”, will become available.
  7. creaky

    Valve Updates Steam Controller With Better Aiming and Customization Options

    Valve released an update for its Steam Controller today, which the company hopes will make playing games like real-time strategy and first-person shooter games easier. The company added mouse regions where players can map a trackpad to a specific part of the screen, like the mini-map in a...
  8. creaky

    Xbox One’s Elite Controller Get’s A Forza 6 Custom Concept

    Microsoft’s Xbox hardware team has created a stunning custom Xbox One Elite Controller concept, themed around the new Ford GT. If you are a Forza fan you will know that it is the car featured on the box of Forza Motorsport 6. The controller concept sports a “liquid blue” design, just like the...
  9. Forza 6 Controller

    Forza 6 Controller

    First look at the Ford GT themed Xbox One controller.
  10. creaky

    Fallout 4 Xbox One Controller

    Bethesda's online store today kicked off a week-long, Fallout-themed sale dubbed the Great War Sale Event. Along with discounts, new Fallout-branded merchandise will be introduced throughout the week, including a nice-looking Xbox One controller.
  11. creaky

    Button remapping is coming to all Xbox One controllers

    Want to get personalising those buttons of yours? Well the good news is that you won't need the ridiculously cool but also £120 Xbox One Elite Controller. Xbox's Mike Ybarra has confirmed on Twitter that remapping controls will be available for all Xbox One controllers soon. This will come in...
  12. Xbox One Lunar White Controller

    Xbox One Lunar White Controller

    A lunar white Xbox One controller
  13. Xbox One Elite controller

    Xbox One Elite controller

    The new Xbox One Elite Controller
  14. creaky

    Razer introduces Wildcat controller for Xbox One aimed at eSport players

    Razer, a company best known for it's high end gaming peripherals has taken the wraps off of a new controller at their PAX Prime keynote dubbed the Wildcat. Designed for tournaments and gamers seeking a competitive edge, the controller joins their existing line of peripherals designed for the...