1. creaky

    Crysis Remastered headed for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

    Industry insider lashman a.k.a. @RobotBrush has unearthed that Crytek is working on a remaster for their breakout hit Crysis. The savvy person found plenty of details about Crysis Remastered via the game’s official website’s metadata. Crytek has since taken all materials offline but thanks to...
  2. creaky

    Crysis Announcement Teased by Official Twitter Account

    The Crysis Twitter account has burst into life after more than three years of inactivity, prompting speculation that a new game is soon to be announced. The Crysis series has had a strange history - the first game was a graphical powerhouse when it launched, and only the second game from Far...
  3. creaky

    Xbox Live Gold's September free games include Tomb Raider on Xbox One, Crysis 3

    Septembers Games with Gold have been announced, details below. The games being release on the Xbox One are Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and The Deer God. The games being released for the Xbox 360 are Battlestations: Pacific and Crysis 3 Available dates for each game are listed below * The...