1. creaky

    Destiny 2's Black Armoury will let you raise your Power level to 650

    Bungie has spilled more details on Destiny 2's Black Armoury DLC, confirming the expansion will bump up the Power level by 50 points. This means Guardians will be able to grind towards a total Power level of 650. The good news is you can start acquiring gear over 600 if you own Forsaken, so you...
  2. creaky

    Get this awesome Destiny 2 Dynamic Theme for free

    We are less than 2 days ahead for the launch of Destiny 2 and fans can feel the hype all over the internet. Now, thanks to Sony PlayStation, there is a cool dynamic theme and other prizes you can claim ahead of the launch. In order to obtain this goodies, you need to head to...
  3. creaky

    Destiny 2’s first raid goes live a week after release

    Bungie has announced on its blog that the first raid for Destiny 2 will be available from 6PM BST on September 13. The game’s Trials PvP mode will also go live at 6PM BST on September 15, and Nightfall is ready to go from day one. It’s also announced that the game’s servers will unlock with a...
  4. creaky

    How to pre-load and access the Destiny 2 Beta

    Now that we are fairly well versed in the features included in the upcoming Destiny 2 beta and known beta issues. We can turn our attention towards actually getting the beta on our console before Destiny 2's beta opens up to early access players on July 18th for PS4 owners and on July 19th for...
  5. creaky

    Destiny 1 is dropping Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris in August

    Destiny 2 is just a couple of months away, and while Bungie has confirmed that they won't be "turning the lights off on Destiny 1," that does appear to come with a few caveats. In a new post on the Bungie Blog, it was revealed that the multiplayer events of Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris would...
  6. creaky

    Bungie wants you to tie up loose ends in Destiny before Destiny 2

    Bungie has promised to 'honour veteran players' of Destiny that hop on board Destiny 2, and in a recent blog post it's revealed a little more of what that means, in an effort to make sure players have done everything they wanted in the original before Destiny 2 arrives. It's listed at least...
  7. creaky

    Destiny 2 gameplay trailer

    A new gameplay trailer for Destiny 2 has been released at Bungie's event last night, see the video below.
  8. creaky

    Destiny 2 is coming to PC exclusively via Blizzard's

    Michael Morhaime, the president of Blizzard Entertainment, just crashed the end of the Destiny 2 livestream to announce that Destiny 2 is coming to PC exclusively via is Blizzard's online portal for their games, including the MMORPG World of Warcraft, and Overwatch...
  9. creaky

    Destiny 2 Release Date, PC Version, And Collector's Edition Announced

    Bungie has officially shared the first details about Destiny 2. Today's news confirmed an open beta is coming to all platforms this summer, with those who preorder getting in first. The game itself then launches on September 8. Although Destiny wasn't available on PC, the sequel has been...
  10. creaky

    Character Progress Will Not Carry Over From Destiny to Destiny 2

    Hundreds of hours sunk into a single Destiny character might not mean too much when its sequel launches later this year. Bungie has confirmed that character progression will not be carried over from the first to Destiny 2. On the game’s official website, Bungie gets a little more specific by...
  11. kenny

    Rumor Rumour - Destiny: The Collection Listed on Amazon for PS4 and Xbox

    A listing for something called Destiny: The Collection has been spotted on Amazon. A pair of listings for a Destiny collection that's yet to be announced popped up this morning on Amazon UK. It's called Destiny: The Collection, and it's available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Amazon...
  12. kenny

    Destiny: last-gen players will no longer have access to Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris in August

    Bungie has provided details on how things will change for Destiny players on last-gen consoles. The studio announced earlier this month the Rise of Iron expansion would only be made available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Because of this, player progression between current and Legacy Consoles...
  13. agamer

    Major Destiny update coming early April

    Destiny’s next big content update, update 2.2.0, will arrive on April 12. True to previous teasers, Bungie is promising a significant Light increase with update 2.2.0. An exact Light value has not been provided, but going by previous updates and expansions, we can expect a three- to four-level...
  14. creaky

    Destiny 2 will not launch as expected in September, a new report has claimed.

    The full sequel to Destiny has yet to be officially confirmed but is widely known to be in production due to Bungie's 10-year development roadmap (which planned to alternate bi-annual game releases with The Taken King-style expansions). But Destiny 2 will not make its September 2016 launch...
  15. kenny

    Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Mode

    A brand new game mode has been announced for Destiny: the Sparrow Racing League. This mode will feature players going head-to-head on Mars and Venus to prove who has the best Sparrow piloting skills. Sparrow Racing League is coming Dec. 8. This news comes via the PlayStation Experience keynote...
  16. creaky

    Destiny nerfs long-range shotguns in update 2.0.1

    Bungie gives with one hand and nerfs with the other. While Destiny patch 2.0.1 will will mark the return of Tess Everis and the rise of ever more dance emotes next week, it will also mean the (temporary) departure of one of the most desirable/overpowered shotgun perks in the Crucible: Shot...
  17. creaky

    Introducing Eververse Trading Company

    Bungie has announced the introduction of real-money purchases in Destiny's second year, starting with a batch of new emotes. In-game purchases will be connected to the game’s sprawling fiction by the return of Tess Everis, an Awoken merchant who runs a storefront in The Tower for the Eververse...
  18. creaky

    Destiny Gear Manager Now In Closed Beta

    Destiny players will soon have a new way to manage their huge collections of equipment. Now that Destiny offers more vault space gear management isn’t as painful as it used to be. But there are still plenty of players shuffling guns between three characters – and keeping their fireteams...
  19. creaky

    Watch all three of Destiny: The Taken King's new class intros

    Before you get your new sublcass you are shown a cinematic explaining what it means, you can see each of the videos below.
  20. creaky

    Bungie made Destiny’s Taken King raid in reverse & has a secret twist coming

    Finally, Destiny: The Taken King is upon us. New content! New story! Even a new Ghost! It's Bungie's biggest and most ambitious expansion yet, with the update's centrepiece - the King's Fall raid, featuring new big bad Oryx - being set for release a few days later for regular Destiny players...