1. creaky

    Xbox Exclusives Releasing in 2021

    Microsoft has provided a list of games coming exclusively to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S this year. A handy list of the games coming exclusively to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One has been posted, and it gives you a quick look at just some of what’s heading to the consoles. As Microsoft notes...
  2. creaky

    Rare announces new Xbox exclusive Everwild

    Today at Xbox’s X019 event in London, Rare debuted their first brand new game since launching Sea of Thieves several years ago. Titled Everwild, Rare aims to create an exciting social experience in a rich and lush new world. “While Everwild is still early in development, we are very excited...
  3. creaky

    Sony shows off PS4 exclusive Predator game and Final Fantasy VII trailer

    Sony has made a bold move to not attend E3 this year but that doesn’t mean they don’t have games to show off. During the new PlayStation State of Play, the gaming giant showcased several new games including a new Predator game exclusive to PlayStation 4. Titled Predator: Hunting Grounds, the...
  4. creaky

    Borderlands 3 launches September 13, PC Exclusive on Epic Games Store

    We now know when Borderlands 3 is going to launch. Gearbox unveiled this September 13th as the release date. Multiple special editions of the game have also been announced with the most deluxe going for a whopping $249. It was reported recently about suspicious remarks from Gearbox CEO Randy...
  5. creaky

    The Division's First Two Expansions Come to Xbox One 30 Days Before PS4, PC

    Xbox One players are getting The Division's first two paid expansions before PlayStation 4 and PC. Ubisoft today confirmed what had been suggested earlier, announcing that the expansions Underground and Survival will come to Xbox One 30 days before other platforms. The Division's third paid...
  6. agamer

    Microsoft Says Xbox One Cloud Tech Available to Any Game, Including PS4 Exclusives

    Microsoft will not keep outside developers from using its Azure cloud-based technology, not even developers of exclusive games for other platforms, Xbox gaming boss Phil Spencer says. Writing on Twitter (via DualShockers), a fan asked Spencer about Titanfall 2 and how they would "hate to see...