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  1. creaky

    Just Cause 4 is now available on the Xbox Game Pass

    Just Cause 4 has just been made available on the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's game subscription service on the Xbox One. A surprising addition considering the Square Enix published game launched just three months ago. Another major release from the publisher, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, joined...
  2. creaky

    Get 12 months of Xbox Game Pass for half price

    Xbox Game Pass, the Netflix model available on Xbox One that gives you the chance to play a host of third party and first party games at no extra cost, is half price right now. If you're intrigued by it, you might want to think about jumping in now while a whole year is 50% off. 12 months will...
  3. creaky

    Xbox Game Pass expands with Strange Brigade

    Microsoft has confirmed that three more games will be winging their way to Xbox Game Pass. Well, technically, one is already available as of yesterday, with the other two arriving next week. Voxel Agents' puzzler The Gardens Between is now up for grabs, although we recommend reading Josh's...
  4. creaky

    Microsoft is bringing Game Pass game subscription service to PC

    Tech giant Microsoft has announced that their highly successful game subscription service Game Pass is heading towards PC. At the moment, only users of an Xbox One game console can enjoy the service. While the announcement was pretty clear, details when exactly gamers on PC can use the service...
  5. creaky

    Forza Horizon 4 leads impressive Xbox Game Pass October lineup

    Microsoft has lifted the lid on October's Xbox Game Pass lineup, with super stylish racer Forza Horizon 4 leading the charge. This obviously keeps in line with Microsoft's pledge to have all first-party Xbox One content out on Game Pass day-and-date with shops, so that's good to see. Forza...
  6. creaky

    You can now buy an annual subscription for Xbox Game Pass

    Microsoft is apparently providing fans with a cheaper long-term offering for its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, giving gamers the option to buy a 12-month subscription for just $99.99. The change was spotted by Richard Hay, but it's unclear exactly how long the option has been there. As...