1. creaky

    Codemasters reveals new Grid game

    Codemasters has just announced that an all-new Grid will be coming to consoles and PC later this year, with the fourth instalment in the series - called, simply, Grid - out on September 13th. The new trailer, which features a host of GTLM machines as well as older vehicles, strongly suggests...
  2. creaky

    Sony shows off PS4 exclusive Predator game and Final Fantasy VII trailer

    Sony has made a bold move to not attend E3 this year but that doesn’t mean they don’t have games to show off. During the new PlayStation State of Play, the gaming giant showcased several new games including a new Predator game exclusive to PlayStation 4. Titled Predator: Hunting Grounds, the...
  3. kenny

    What game have you completed latley

    What's the most recent game you have completed? Can be either 100% completion or just the main story.
  4. creaky

    The Game Awards 2018 winners in full

    The Game Awards held its annual bash last night in the US, once again hosted by Geoff Keighley, with this marking his fifth year. You may remember they used to be called the Spike Video Game Awards, and at best were pretty cringey. Not so much anymore, fortunately. This year's event was pretty...
  5. creaky

    Get 12 months of Xbox Game Pass for half price

    Xbox Game Pass, the Netflix model available on Xbox One that gives you the chance to play a host of third party and first party games at no extra cost, is half price right now. If you're intrigued by it, you might want to think about jumping in now while a whole year is 50% off. 12 months will...
  6. creaky

    Xbox Game Pass expands with Strange Brigade

    Microsoft has confirmed that three more games will be winging their way to Xbox Game Pass. Well, technically, one is already available as of yesterday, with the other two arriving next week. Voxel Agents' puzzler The Gardens Between is now up for grabs, although we recommend reading Josh's...
  7. creaky

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Switch's best pre-selling game to date

    Nintendo has dropped of a new Super Smash. Bros Ultimate trailer, confirming that the crossover fighting game is the best pre-selling entry in the franchise to date. Not only that, but Mazza and co's epic punch-up is also the biggest pre-selling game for the Switch to date. Now that's pretty...
  8. creaky

    Seven New Games added to Xbox Game Pass including ReCore: Definitive Edition

    Seven new games have been added to Xbox Game Pass, including ReCore: Definitive Edition. Don’t forget there is also still a 14 day free trial before you need to subscribe. The Seven new games are; ReCore: Definitive Edition Fable 2 Metro: Last Light Redux Hue The Bridge Garou Mow 10 Second...
  9. creaky

    Game Gifting Is Coming To Xbox One Store

    Microsoft has said it's planning to bring gift purchases to the Xbox One store in the future. Gamers will soon be able to buy games as gifts for their friends through the Xbox One store according to Xbox Vice President, Mike Ybarra. On Twitter a fan asked Ybarra when we could expect to see the...
  10. creaky

    GAME launches loyalty scheme where you pay GAME £36

    GAME, the video game retail chain, has today launched a new loyalty scheme called GAME Elite. In the scheme you, the customer, pay GAME £36 a year in exchange for a bump in loyalty points when buying actual stuff from GAME. You get 10% points back on physical games, merch and accessories, 4% on...
  11. creaky

    Xbox Game Pass Announced

    Microsoft has just announced a new subscription based program for Xbox One. Xbox Game Pass allows users to pay $9.99 per month for access to a library of over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatible games. Some of the games that will be available when the service launches are Halo 5...
  12. creaky

    Rumor Next Star Wars Battlefront game coming holiday 2017 with single-player campaign

    A new Star Wars Battlefront game will launch holiday 2017 and promises to be bigger than ever, EA has announced. "We're thrilled to bring a new Star Wars Battlefront game to fans worldwide in 2017 holiday season," EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed during the publisher's Q3 financials. Wilson...
  13. creaky

    Windows 10 Adding a Game Mode That Would Improve Performance

    A new feature may be on the way to Windows 10 that improves performance when playing PC games. That's according to a file discovered in a leaked version of a forthcoming preview update. Twitter user WalkingCat reports the addition of a dll called "game mode" in the latest build of Windows 10...
  14. creaky

    The Game Awards 2016 Xbox One Sale

    Microsoft is hosting a sale celebrating this year’s nominees for The Game Awards 2016. Standouts include Titanfall 2 and the Deluxe Edition, each marked down by 40%; DOOM and it’s Deluxe Edition are 50% off, as is Rainbow Six Siege. There’s also the Battlefield 1 – Titanfall 2 Deluxe Bundle...
  15. agamer

    PS4 Update Now Lets You Make GIFs From Game Clips

    The ShareFactory application has been updated on PlayStation 4, and a new change means you can now turn game clips into animated GIFs. According to Kotaku, who also has a handy tutorial, if you've patched up to the latest version, you can now make GIFs from any videos, including ones you've...
  16. kenny

    Get a 55" 4K TV With an Xbox One S and Free Game for $850

    In search of a 4K TV and an Xbox One? Best Buy has launched a new deal you may want to consider. The store is now selling a 55" Samsung 4K TV with your choice of Xbox One S bundles for $850. Xbox One S bundles available in this deal include the 500 GB Halo Collection bundle (includes Halo 5...
  17. creaky

    PS4 Pro contains two chips that work in tangent when playing a Pro supported game

    If you’re curious as to how PlayStation 4 Pro can produce better graphics, provide extra features and still play current games in the process, Mark Cerny has the answer. Speaking at conference at Sony’s San Mateo HQ attended by Digital Foundry and other outlets, PlayStation architect Cerny...
  18. agamer

    The first game you ever completed

    Do you remember the first game you completed?
  19. agamer

    Xbox One App Hints At Game Streaming From Console To Windows Phone

    A new beta Xbox App for Windows Phone hints at the possibility for game-streaming from console to smartphone. While the feature itself doesn't work, a button in the app is called 'play from console', which has replaced the 'play on console' button that was included in earlier versions of the...
  20. agamer

    Batman: Arkham Knight Game of the Year Edition Pops Up on Amazon Germany

    A listing on Amazon Germany reveals that a Batman: Arkham Knight Game of the Year Edition may be in the works. As discovered by DualShockers, the listings--which do not appear on the US version of Amazon--show that the game will come out in July. If it's real and follows the formula of other...