1. creaky


    All online services use gamertags or nickanmes of some sort. How did you come up with yours and would you ever change it?
  2. creaky

    Sign into Xbox Live Every Five Years or Risk Losing Your Gamertag

    Microsoft has changed some parts of its account service agreement, requiring Xbox users to sign in every five years or potentially lose their Gamertag. The Microsoft service agreement that spans the company's various products, including Skype and Xbox, has been amended to add an interesting...
  3. creaky

    Upcoming Xbox Live Gamertag purge is your shot at a less dumb account name

    Another great Gamertag purge is at hand for Xbox Live. Starting on Wednesday at 11 am PDT / 7 pm BST, Microsoft will begin releasing close to a million abandoned account names from the original Xbox era for active users to claim. The new tags will roll out across a 24-hour period, though not...
  4. creaky

    Eric Neustadter has announced he is leaving Microsoft

    In both a surprising and shocking move out of nowhere today, Eric Neustadter has announced he is leaving Xbox after 18 and a half years at Microsoft. Commonly referred to as both "E" and The Vowel, there was no further connotation added to the announcement, just a simple tweet was posted shortly...