1. creaky

    Old gaming consoles

    What do you do with any consoles, or PC's, that you no longer use? Do they just sit in the cupboard gathering dust or do you sell them?
  2. creaky

    Google announces Stadia, a gaming platform for everyone coming in 2019

    At its GDC keynote today, Google announced Stadia, a gaming platform that's meant to bring developers, content creators, and players together in a new way. The service will rely on Google's data servers to bring games to everyone, as demonstrated late last year with Project Stream and Assassin's...
  3. creaky

    How long have you been gaming

    How long have you been a gamer? Can you remember the first game you played and what system did you play it on?
  4. creaky

    Cost of gaming PC

    Do you own a top end gaming PC? If so how much did it cost you and how often do you upgrade the system?
  5. creaky

    Do you listen to music while gaming

    When your'e sitting playing the latest game do you have any music playing in the background? Do you prefer just to listen to what's going on in the game itself?
  6. Anthem wallpaper

    Anthem wallpaper

    A wallpaper for the upcoming game Anthem. This image was not created by us
  7. agamer

    How long playing online?

    How much time do you spend playing games each day? When you are online do you prefer playing solo or with friends?
  8. creaky

    PC Gaming Show returns to E3 2016

    The PC Gaming Show is returning to E3 in 2016. The show will return with a lineup full of celebrated personalities and announcements at noon PDT / 7 PM GMT on Monday, June 12 The event will once again be held in Los Angeles with a livestream for the global audience. You can expect more...
  9. agamer

    Twitter Now Has an Official Gaming Account

    Not long after social networking site Twitter hired its first-ever gaming boss, the company has now launched an official "Twitter Gaming" account, @TwitterGaming. The account sent its first tweet, a simple message of "Hello!," on January 8. A second tweet was sent out today, January 13...
  10. creaky

    New Gaming Mouse Has an OLED Screen on It

    As part of CES 2016 today, gaming peripherals company SteelSeries announced what it's calling a first-of-its-kind "smart" gaming mouse. Called the Rival 700, the mouse's standout feature is an OLED display--SteelSeries says it's the first gaming mouse ever to feature a "fully customizable...
  11. creaky

    MLG Assets Sold to Activision for $46 Million

    Major League Gaming has sold "substantially all" of its assets to Activision Blizzard for the price of $46 million, effectively bringing about an end to the esports company as it was once known. That's according to a report from, which says MLG called a special meeting on...
  12. creaky

    PC Gaming monitors

    Any one got a recomendation on a new monitor? It will be used mainly for web development, office documents, some graphics work and the occasional game. Looking for something around the 27" size for around the £350 mark. I have a graphics card that use g-sync but not sure if that makes a...