1. kenny

    Microsoft brings Google Assistant to Xbox One

    Microsoft is enabling Google’s Assistant to work with its Xbox One console. Much like the existing Alexa integration, Microsoft is allowing Google Assistant to launch games and apps, turn the console on and off, pause videos, and much more. You’ll need to use the Google Assistant app for iOS or...
  2. creaky

    Google Stadia's Pro Subscription will get you 'roughly one free game a month'

    Google Stadia is set for release later this year, and will eventually be offered in two flavours, Base and Pro. The latter of which, we've previously been told, will include access to a selection of games, and we now know that'll be around one game a month. The information came during a Reddit...
  3. creaky

    Google Stadia

    Some really good ideas in there. It's going to be so variable though, ultra dependent on having a low latency connection, which has been the downfall of every other streaming service. Getting the machines closer to the user will make a difference though, one of the benefits of having cloud...
  4. creaky

    Google announces Stadia, a gaming platform for everyone coming in 2019

    At its GDC keynote today, Google announced Stadia, a gaming platform that's meant to bring developers, content creators, and players together in a new way. The service will rely on Google's data servers to bring games to everyone, as demonstrated late last year with Project Stream and Assassin's...
  5. creaky

    Google reportedly working on streaming games platform called Yeti

    Search giant Google may be looking at getting into the business of video games and perhaps taking on Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo at the home console market, it's been reported today. According to Kotaku's sources, Google is working on a project currently codenamed 'Yeti' which consists of some...