1. creaky

    GTA Online starts July 4th celebration early with Dawn Raid, new supercar, and more

    Rockstar Games announced an array of new content that will be in GTA Online, with some of it being available today, and some of the other content rolling out over the coming months. To start things off, the game will offer a new supercar in the form of the Dewbauche Vagner that looks aggressive...
  2. creaky

    Rockstar clarifies stance on GTA V mods

    Last week, Rockstar and their parent company. Take Two, upset the PC modding community by sending a Cease and Desist letter to the main modding tool for Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar Games defended Take-Two's actions, saying that OpenIV was interfering with the GTA Online experience. OpenIV...
  3. agamer

    GTA Online gets new expansion on June 7th

    Although Grand Theft Auto has been out for over a year, the online multiplayer world receives updates every now and then, offering players new adventures and content. Rockstar Games is ready to unleash a new update this coming week in the form of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. In the...
  4. creaky

    GTA Online's next big update is coming on June 7

    All-new smuggling operations are coming to GTA Online in a major update early next month. The update, jauntily titled Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, will let players expand their in-game groups and even become CEO of their own Criminal Enterprises starting on June 7. The update will...
  5. kenny

    GTA Online getting new Adversary Mode on May 3, Ammu-Nation sale on now

    GTA Online is getting a new Adversary Mode next week, but you can stock up on munitions right now with a sale at Ammu-Nation. Alternatively, if you're already brimming with bullets, just take advantage of the double RP-earning Adversary Mode playlists that will be running this weekend. The new...
  6. agamer

    Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and More Rockstar Games Discounted on PSN

    Some of Rockstar's best games are currently discounted on the PlayStation Store for up to 80% off. For fewer than $10 apiece you can pick up games like LA Noire: The Complete Edition ($8), Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition ($6), PS2 Classic Bully ($5), and Red Dead Redemption and Undead...