1. creaky

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC beta test has been delayed

    You've probably twigged it already, but the first beta test for the PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection won't be kicking off this month after all, 343 Industries has confirmed. That's despite previous comments by the developer earlier this month, when community head honcho, Brian...
  2. creaky

    Master Chief has been cast for the Halo TV series

    The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Pablo Schreiber has been cast as Master Chief in Showtime's upcoming Halo TV series. No word yet on whether he'll take his helmet off, though. Schreiber is probably best known for his work on American Gods and Orange is the New Black, and will be joined...
  3. creaky

    Showtime picks up Halo TV series, Production starting early 2019

    In a post on Xbox Wire, Showtime announced that they are going to produce a TV series based on the popular Halo gaming franchise. No date was given when the Halo TV show is going to debut but production for the long-awaited project is planned to start in 2019. Fans of Halo have been waiting...
  4. kenny

    Halo 1, 3, ODST, and 4 are coming to Xbox One via backward compatibility with DLC

    For the last couple of years, Microsoft has been actively pushing their backward compatibility feature on Xbox One. Hundreds of Xbox 360 games have become playable on Xbox One including some classics, some lesser known titles, and maybe some games we wish we could forget. In the very near...
  5. creaky

    Halo 5: Guardians will get a 4K upgrade with Xbox One X

    Halo 5: Guardians is one of the most gorgeous games on Xbox One and it's about to get a substantial upgrade. Come this November, you'll be able to witness Master Chief take on enemies alongside Spartan Locke and team in 4K with Xbox One X! 343 Industries revealed that the game will get an...
  6. creaky

    Halo 5 Mythic Warzone Firefight Returns With Higher RP Bonuses

    Looking to play Halo 5 this weekend? Microsoft has announced that the game's Mythic Warzone Firefight mode is back right now--and there's a good reason to play. In a tweet, Microsoft said Mythic Warzone Firefight will offer up "even higher RP rewards." The game is played on the Escape from...
  7. creaky

    Play Halo 5 This Weekend and Get This Thanksgiving Emblem

    Halo developer 343 Industries is giving away a "Thanks Given" turkey emblem to celebrate Thanksgiving. All you have to do is play Halo 5: Guardians[/URL] this weekend to get it. Here's what it looks like: This promotion follows one from last week when Microsoft gave away Halo 5 DLC to...
  8. creaky

    Halo 5: Forge PC System Requirements Revealed

    343 Industries have revealed the specs you will need to use Forge on your PC. Halo 5: Forge launches on September 8 and brings the full Forge map editor to PC System Requirements Minimum: Operating system: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, version 1607 or later DirectX 12 CPU: Intel Core i5 at...
  9. agamer

    Halo 5 file browser

    It will be a lot easier to view files created in Halo 5 forge once a new update from 343 Industries goes live. Halo 5 file browser by agamer posted Aug 22, 2016 at 3:26 PM You will be able to search for content using filters such as maps, game modes, forge object groups or the name of the...
  10. creaky

    Every Xbox One S has a teensy Master Chief hiding inside

    If you just got a shiny new Xbox One S, ripping it open is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Just know that if you ever do need to pop open that slim plastic box, a Master Chief Easter egg is waiting to greet you from the inside. You can see YouTuber Austin Evans discover...
  11. kenny

    Halo 5's Biggest-Ever Expansion Teased, Coming End of June

    Halo 5's Warzone Firefight expansion is coming out at the end of the month. In 343's latest weekly blog post, the developer shared a status update for how it's coming along and teased more about what it contains. "A wide variety of teams are hard at work to get their final work and polish...
  12. creaky

    Microsoft and Loot Crate announce the Halo Legendary Crate

    343 Industries and Loot Crate have teamed up to bring you the Halo Legendary Crate, offering you a bimonthly supply of Halo goodness. They promise that it's the ultimate experience for Halo fans and collectors. The Crate will offer "exclusive figures, apparel, collectibles, in-game items, and...
  13. creaky

    Halo 5's Next Free Update Out Today, Future Expansions Teased

    Halo 5: Guardians expands again today with the release of Hammer Storm, the Xbox One shooter's latest free update. And that's not all. Developer 343 also teased the game's future expansions and content, confirming that the fan-favorite Firefight mode and more will be added in the future...
  14. kenny

    Halo 5's Next Free Update Detailed

    Details for the next free DLC for Halo 5 have been revealed, the next expansion is called Hammer Storm. The update features new game modes, including Grifball, a new arena map, more weapons and more character customisation. The new game modes are Grifball and Assult. The update will also allow...
  15. creaky

    Halo 5: Guardians Infinity’s Armory Launch Trailer

    Featuring new weapons, maps, armors and more the new Infinity’s Armory addition to Halo 5: Guardians has received a trailer. Featuring badass assassinations and cool pizza themed weapon skins and throwbacks to Halo 2 the new update will be going live later this month.
  16. creaky

    Portal, Fable and Halo have just been added to Xbox One's backwards compatibility list

    A little over month after getting the first glut of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, we're receiving an update to the tune of 16 new games - all playable from today. With a few outliers, it's a far more consistent list, too. Revealed on the Major Nelson blog, there's a stone-cold...