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  1. creaky

    Keyboard and mouse support coming to Xbox One soon

    Xbox players have been begging for keyboard and mouse support for quite some time due to the fact there's a number of Xbox games that cross over with the PC player base and KB + M is a preferred way to play for certain games like first person shooters. The feature has been in the works for...
  2. creaky

    Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One is "months away"

    The Xbox One will be getting mouse and keyboard support sooner rather than later. Speaking with PCGamesN, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One is in the works, and shouldn't be too far off. Talking about the difference between console and PC games...
  3. creaky

    New Gaming Mouse Has an OLED Screen on It

    As part of CES 2016 today, gaming peripherals company SteelSeries announced what it's calling a first-of-its-kind "smart" gaming mouse. Called the Rival 700, the mouse's standout feature is an OLED display--SteelSeries says it's the first gaming mouse ever to feature a "fully customizable...