1. creaky

    A couple of updates

    We have added a new section to the site called Entertainment to cover all non gaming stuff. At the moment it contains a movies section and a general off topic area, we will be adding a TV section along with a music section. We will also be adding a blog to the site in the coming weeks, this...
  2. creaky

    Three new Transformers movies announced through 2019

    Paramount is following in the footsteps of Disney, adopting the company's Star Wars strategy with its own for Transformers franchise. Like Disney and its Star Wars films, Paramount plans to release three more Transformers movies. Paramount will release the movies annually with a new one each...
  3. kenny

    Sky App Is Coming Soon To Xbox One

    Microsoft has said that Xbox One owners will soon get the Sky App on their console. The app has been on PS4 for a while now, although was delayed on Xbox One for one reason or another. The good news is that UK Xbox marketing chief Harvey Eagle told Eurogamer the app is in development now for...