1. creaky

    Nintendo Switch firmware adds SD card transfer, the ability to remap controls

    The Nintendo Switch just got a major software update. Nintendo Switch owners worldwide should now have firmware update 10.0.0. Unlike most of the recent updates, this particular release is full of welcome, helpful features. The biggest highlight is that Switch now allows users to transfer data...
  2. creaky

    New Nintendo Switch model with longer battery life announced

    Nintendo announced a new member to the Switch family last week with the Lite console, coming at a lowered price point but only offering handheld gameplay. And now, the company has gone ahead and announced a new Nintendo Switch model, one that only seems to carry an upgraded battery. According...
  3. creaky

    Nintendo Switch Lite officially revealed

    Nintendo has officially unveiled the Switch Lite, a handled version of its flagship console. As multiple leaks over the past few months revealed, Nintendo has indeed been working on a smaller version of the Switch. Only it’s not a Mini, and is instead called the Switch Lite – a fully...
  4. creaky

    Terraria for Nintendo Switch to launch in digital download form on June 27

    By no means is Terraria a brand spanking new game, having been originally released just over eight years ago on Steam and eventually making its way to mainstream home and handheld consoles as well as iOS devices. Over this period of time, a number of major updates to the game have been released...
  5. kenny

    Nintendo says it has no plans to unveil new hardware at E3

    Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa has revealed the format holder has no plans to unveil fresh hardware at this year's E3. Speaking during the Big N's latest financial results (via Gematsu), Furukawa added that the company is always working on new hardware internally, but even so, we won't get a...
  6. creaky

    Do you own a Switch?

    Anyone here own a Nintendo Switch? If so how often do you use it and do use use the online services?
  7. creaky

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Anyone playing, looks like fun
  8. creaky

    Nintendo will announce more indie games for the Switch tomorrow

    It's been quite some time since Nintendo held one of its video presentations dedicated to upcoming titles, but the Japanese behemoth is finally putting an end to the hiatus tomorrow. While many fans have been clamoring for a Nintendo Direct, however, the company is opting for one of its...
  9. creaky

    Nintendo Switch might support Netflix in the future

    When the Nintendo Switch released earlier this year, Nintendo decided to keep the hybrid console free of multimedia functions. The Big N made clear that they wanted to make the switch a “gaming console first”, but that didn’t mean they weren't considering adding other apps like Netflix or Hule...
  10. creaky

    Nintendo Switch is getting Rime in November

    Tequila Works has announced that its well-received puzzle-adventure Rime will launch on Nintendo Switch, coming on November 17 in Europe and November 14 in North America. It’ll release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for £29.99, with a physical version costing £39.99. The physical version will...
  11. creaky

    E3 2017: Nintendo presentation to be roughly 25 minutes long

    Nintendo's E3 presentations tend to be fairly game focused with only a few segments of their videos focusing on developers talking about their upcoming game. Nintendo Directs can be anywhere from 3 minutes long to 30 minutes long, but with E3 it's widely assumed that the presentation will be on...
  12. creaky

    Nintendo prices its new online service for the Switch, coming in 2018

    Since the announcement of the Switch, Nintendo has touted its new online service, even stating that - unlike its previous consoles - it would be a paid platform. Today, the firm has finally revealed pricing, and when the service will be available. When the paid service goes live in 2018...
  13. creaky

    Minecraft coming to Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo has announced that Minecraft is on its way to Nintendo Switch. I mean, obviously. Available digitally from May 11 with a physical release said to be out at a later date, Minecraft was revealed on last night's Nintendo Direct presentation. On the Switch version you'll also be able to...
  14. creaky

    Nintendo Finally Talks Switch Joy-Con Issues, Says They're Now Fixed

    With word that Nintendo is offering to repair troubled Switch Joy-Cons, the company has finally addressed the de-syncing issue and claimed it will not be a problem in the future. Until now, Nintendo had been largely quiet on the subject, offering no comment on the matter when contacted by...
  15. creaky

    Nintendo Shows Off Switch EShop In New Video

    While everyone who has a Nintendo Switch has been unable to access the eShop as of yet, Nintendo has enlightened all of us with a brand new trailer highlighting the virtual marketplace of its new console. It looks pretty minimal, with tabs on the left for recent releases, upcoming titles, and...
  16. creaky

    Nintendo Switch battery life put to the test

    You can expect to get around three hours of real world battery life from the Nintendo Switch when solidly playing launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, reports GameSpot. Armed with several Switch units, GameSpot tested two scenarios from the starting point of a full charge...
  17. creaky

    Nintendo Switch will support Micro SDXC Memory Cards with storage up to 2TB

    As we know by now, the Nintendo Switch comes packed with a teensy 32GB hard drive. If you are the type who prefers to buy your games digitally, that's just not enough, no matter how hard desperate Nintendoites claim otherwise. Naturally, you won't be stuck with only the 32GB hard drive, as it...
  18. agamer

    Amazon has already sold out of the Nintendo Switch

    At the time of writing, Amazon has already sold out of its first allocation of units for Nintendo's new Switch console -- on both UK and US sites. The console, which was today given its release date of March 3, and UK price of £279.99, is still available to pre-order on the UK site, but the...
  19. creaky

    Nintendo Announce The Features Of Their Paid Online Service

    Nintendo shocked their fans when they announced that the Switch would feature a paid online service. While the presentation didn’t feature any details about what paying for the service actually gets you, Nintendo’s official website has listed everything you can expect when you subscribe. The...
  20. agamer

    Nintendo Switch Specs Confirmed

    Nintendo has officially confirmed more tech specs for its upcoming Switch console. The Switch will use a 6.2-inch 1280x720 resolution multi-touch capacitive screen. The console will also use 32GB of internal storage, which you can expand with a microSDXC card. The game cartridges are called...