1. creaky

    GTA Online starts July 4th celebration early with Dawn Raid, new supercar, and more

    Rockstar Games announced an array of new content that will be in GTA Online, with some of it being available today, and some of the other content rolling out over the coming months. To start things off, the game will offer a new supercar in the form of the Dewbauche Vagner that looks aggressive...
  2. creaky

    Nintendo prices its new online service for the Switch, coming in 2018

    Since the announcement of the Switch, Nintendo has touted its new online service, even stating that - unlike its previous consoles - it would be a paid platform. Today, the firm has finally revealed pricing, and when the service will be available. When the paid service goes live in 2018...
  3. creaky

    Nintendo Announce The Features Of Their Paid Online Service

    Nintendo shocked their fans when they announced that the Switch would feature a paid online service. While the presentation didn’t feature any details about what paying for the service actually gets you, Nintendo’s official website has listed everything you can expect when you subscribe. The...
  4. agamer

    How long playing online?

    How much time do you spend playing games each day? When you are online do you prefer playing solo or with friends?
  5. creaky

    Friends or strangers

    Who would you rather play if when given the option, friends or strangers?