1. kenny

    Gears 5 confirms cross platform support in Escape mode

    The Coalition has confirmed that players on Xbox One and PC will be able to play together in more modes when Gears 5 releases later this year. Speaking to Gamespot (spotted by XboxAchievements) Multiplayer Director Ryan Cleven confirmed that the new Escape mode - in which three players must...
  2. creaky

    Google announces Stadia, a gaming platform for everyone coming in 2019

    At its GDC keynote today, Google announced Stadia, a gaming platform that's meant to bring developers, content creators, and players together in a new way. The service will rely on Google's data servers to bring games to everyone, as demonstrated late last year with Project Stream and Assassin's...
  3. creaky

    Microsoft: Cross-platform play is here to stay

    At its E3 2017 conference, Microsoft announced that it is bringing cross-platform play to Minecraft, allowing PC, Xbox, Switch, and mobile users to play together. It also announced similar capabilities for Rocket League earlier. The company's move has been praised by a majority of gamers, while...