1. creaky

    PS4 Pro can now play 4K video via the Media Player app thanks to a new update

    Before its official unveiling, the PS4 Pro was sometimes referred to as the "PS4K" due to its (then-rumored) support of 4K video. And while the console that launched in November 2016 did support 4K in ways such as Netflix and some games, its own Media Player app lacked the compatibility. But no...
  2. creaky

    This is what a naked PS4 Pro looks like

    You've all seen what the PS4 Pro looks like on the outside, but you probably haven't seen what's going on under the hood. Those who already have the system are probably too busy downloading updates and transferring data from an old PS4 to make time to tear the console apart, so Spox_2 has done...
  3. creaky

    The Last of Us Adds HDR and PS4 Pro Support

    The Last of Us has received a new update Patch 1.7 which brings support for PS4 Pro and HDR support for all PlayStation owners. Already people are praising the improvements with HDR on via a standard PS4 and no doubt there will be further improvements if using a combination of PS4 Pro and a 4K...
  4. creaky

    Sony Announces Two New Third Party "Pro" Controllers

    Sony has announced that it is licensing third party "pro controllers" for the PS4. Manufacturers Razer and Nacon has collaborated closely with Sony to release the controllers, which are detailed below. The Razer Raiju includes: - Two extra bumpers and two extra detachable triggers -...
  5. creaky

    PS4 Pro contains two chips that work in tangent when playing a Pro supported game

    If you’re curious as to how PlayStation 4 Pro can produce better graphics, provide extra features and still play current games in the process, Mark Cerny has the answer. Speaking at conference at Sony’s San Mateo HQ attended by Digital Foundry and other outlets, PlayStation architect Cerny...
  6. creaky

    PS4 slim & Pro details released

    Summary from the Sony Playstation Meeting The PS4 Slim will release on September 15 for £259. Sony's next generation PS4, the PS4 Pro (aka PS4K/PS4 Neo), will be aimed at more hardcore PlayStation gamers. The new system has more than double the power of the original PS4's GPU. The CPU clock...