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  1. creaky

    PS4 error code E-801809A8 being investigated; Unclear if patch will be deployed or if it is a hardwa

    Last week, Sony released a new update for the PS4 bringing the console's software up to version 5.0. The update brought a number of new features, as well as reports the error code E-801809A8. It appears as though this error does not allow PS4 owners to download the latest update to their PS4...
  2. agamer

    Ghost Recon Wildlands gets 5 hour trial on PS4 and Xbox One

    Ubisoft has released a five hour trial for Ghost Recon Wildlands on PS4 and Xbox One, which will give players the chance to experience single-player and online co-op modes. So, if you’re unsure whether an open-world tactical shooter is for you, you can try it and see. Clearly Ubisoft feels that...
  3. creaky

    PS4 Pro can now play 4K video via the Media Player app thanks to a new update

    Before its official unveiling, the PS4 Pro was sometimes referred to as the "PS4K" due to its (then-rumored) support of 4K video. And while the console that launched in November 2016 did support 4K in ways such as Netflix and some games, its own Media Player app lacked the compatibility. But no...
  4. creaky

    This is what a naked PS4 Pro looks like

    You've all seen what the PS4 Pro looks like on the outside, but you probably haven't seen what's going on under the hood. Those who already have the system are probably too busy downloading updates and transferring data from an old PS4 to make time to tear the console apart, so Spox_2 has done...
  5. agamer

    PS4 Update Now Lets You Make GIFs From Game Clips

    The ShareFactory application has been updated on PlayStation 4, and a new change means you can now turn game clips into animated GIFs. According to Kotaku, who also has a handy tutorial, if you've patched up to the latest version, you can now make GIFs from any videos, including ones you've...
  6. creaky

    The Last of Us Adds HDR and PS4 Pro Support

    The Last of Us has received a new update Patch 1.7 which brings support for PS4 Pro and HDR support for all PlayStation owners. Already people are praising the improvements with HDR on via a standard PS4 and no doubt there will be further improvements if using a combination of PS4 Pro and a 4K...
  7. creaky

    PS4 Pro contains two chips that work in tangent when playing a Pro supported game

    If you’re curious as to how PlayStation 4 Pro can produce better graphics, provide extra features and still play current games in the process, Mark Cerny has the answer. Speaking at conference at Sony’s San Mateo HQ attended by Digital Foundry and other outlets, PlayStation architect Cerny...
  8. creaky

    Steam to have native support for PS4 controller

    In the past few days, Valve has held its Steam Dev Days event and has announced that Steam will soon have native support for PlayStation 4 controllers, without the need for third-party software to enable it to work. The update that will enable PS4 controller compatibility is to the Steam...
  9. creaky

    PS4 Update 4.00 Arrives This Week, Brings New Features Not in the Beta

    The PS4's next big system update, version 4.00, arrives tomorrow, September 13, Sony announced today. In addition to the features that beta testers have been checking out for weeks, it also includes some other new things. As detailed in a PlayStation Blog post, the 4.00 update adds another new...
  10. creaky

    PS4 slim & Pro details released

    Summary from the Sony Playstation Meeting The PS4 Slim will release on September 15 for £259. Sony's next generation PS4, the PS4 Pro (aka PS4K/PS4 Neo), will be aimed at more hardcore PlayStation gamers. The new system has more than double the power of the original PS4's GPU. The CPU clock...
  11. agamer

    Every PS4 Will Be HDR Compatible Next Week

    PlayStation 4 will get new firmware next week that will add HDR compatibility to all current systems. The firmware is likely version 4.00 which is currently in beta, however it's a big surprise that HDR will be part of this firmware. The firmware update makes all PlayStation 4 models...
  12. creaky

    PS4 Neo Will Reportedly Be Revealed in September

    Multiple reports have emerged indicating that Sony will reveal its PS4 Neo console at a "technical showcase" in New York on September 7. The much-discussed mid-generation upgrade was confirmed before E3, but Sony decided to hold off on an official unveiling. Now, both Gameblog and Vice Gaming...
  13. kenny

    Rumor Rumour - Destiny: The Collection Listed on Amazon for PS4 and Xbox

    A listing for something called Destiny: The Collection has been spotted on Amazon. A pair of listings for a Destiny collection that's yet to be announced popped up this morning on Amazon UK. It's called Destiny: The Collection, and it's available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Amazon...
  14. creaky

    PS4 Firmware 4.0 Coming Soon - Sign Up For Beta

    Sony has revealed that it'll soon be releasing firmware 4.0 for PS4 and you can help beta test it. The beta starts in early August, and providing you are 18 then you can register from today. Currently there are no details as to what we can expect from the new firmware, although generally when...
  15. creaky

    Sony FCC filing suggests new PS4 “Wireless Adapter”

    More often than not, FCC filings give away special announcements. It happened with Microsoft's two new consoles and now it has happened to Sony. While Sony hasn't released any confirmation on the what the file suggests, it's more than likely coming. An FCC certification (via DualShockers)...
  16. creaky

    Sony Confirm That Neo Upgrade To PS4 Is Coming But Won't Be At E3

    Sony Interactive Entertainment head Andrew House confirmed the existence of the rumoured Neo machine, a new version of the PlayStation 4 that will be able to handle 4K TV resolutions. But he said in an interview with the target="_blank"> (subscription required) that Neo will not be revealed at...
  17. creaky

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Anyone got this?
  18. creaky

    Star Trek Online announced for PS4 and Xbox One

    Star Trek Online has been announced for both Xbox One and PS4 according to Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today. The studios that never sleep announced that At the console launch, Star Trek Online will offer over six years’ worth of content, including over 130 featured episodes...
  19. creaky

    PS4 Firmware 3.50 Has Hidden Features

    The PlayStation 4's latest firmware has some hidden features which Sony didn't go shouting about when releasing the update. These features include the return of the ability to stream music through a USB drive, while you can now also turn off the notification message confirming a screenshot was...
  20. kenny

    Fallout 4 1.4 patch out this week on PS4 and Xbox One

    Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 4 patch 1.4 is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by the end of the week. The update hit PC just over a week ago, and brought support for some of the game’s add-ons, which will start releasing soon.