1. creaky

    PS5 Teardown Video

    The PS5 has the Xbox Series X/S beat in certain, surprising departments. Sony officially showed the innards of the PlayStation 5 today in the console’s first teardown video. Apart from all the talk about about how giant the unit is, its fan size and all that jazz, the teardown also confirmed a...
  2. creaky

    Sony is rumoured to reveal its roster of next-gen PS5 games in June

    We haven’t heard all that much from Sony regarding its PS5 console, or even its upcoming roster of next-gen games. That could change next month. Sony has a few events in the works that will provide a closer look at their new system, according to a new report from VentureBeat. The first of...
  3. creaky

    Spider-Man PS5 leak reveals story details, gameplay and release window

    Given the success of Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4, a sequel for the upcoming PS5 seems inevitable. And we just might have our first taste of what Spider-Man PS5 could play like, thanks to an alleged leak containing a ton of new story, gameplay and character details. This leak comes from a...
  4. kenny

    Sony confirms PS5 won't be released before April 2020

    Sony has revealed during its latest earnings call that its next-generation console, which, let's face it, will probably be called PlayStation 5, won't be released before April 2020. That means no new PlayStation console until May next year at the very earliest, although typically, Sony tends to...
  5. creaky

    The PlayStation 5 could make its debut by the end of 2019 according to analyst

    If a new report by Hideki Yasuda of Ace Economic Research Institute is to be believed, we could see the PlayStation 5 make an appearance by the end of next year. The prediction lines up with previous reports that circulated in May this year when PlayStation CEO, John Kodera, announced that the...