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  1. creaky

    New PSN Flash Sale Sells Games For Under $5

    A new flash sale has begun on the PlayStation Store, and this one focuses exclusively on deals that cost no more than $5. There are games for PS4, PS3, Vita, and PSP included in the sale. PS4 has the widest selection, with $5 nabbing you Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, Bastion, Journey...
  2. kenny

    Sony Confirms Black Friday PSN Sale With a Bizarre Video

    That Sony will offer Black Friday deals on the PlayStation Store this year should come as no real surprise. The way in which it shared that news, though, is a bit odd. PlayStation Europe today shared a 30-second YouTube ad which--rather than featuring a sizzle reel of all the games you'll be...
  3. creaky launches new PSN Toolbar

    Log in to and you'll find a new PSN Toolbar designed to keep you connected to your Notifications, Messages and Friends, even when you are away from your PS4. "Your Friends list will be fully accessible via the toolbar, giving you a snapshot of which friends are online before you...
  4. creaky

    PSN will be down for an hour with maintenance in the early morning of October 26

    PS4 players, I wouldn't suggest planning any late-night Destiny Raids or GTA Online heists for next week. The PlayStation Network will be going down for maintenance starting at 12:30am local time October 26, and is scheduled to be unavailable for an hour. Sony says that you'll still be able to...
  5. creaky

    Two-Hour PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Next Week

    The PlayStation Network servers will be impacted for a period of two hours next week as Sony completes regular maintenance for the online network, the company has announced. The maintenance period, which will also see Sony deploy some "improvements" to the PSN, will take place on Monday, April...
  6. agamer

    Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and More Rockstar Games Discounted on PSN

    Some of Rockstar's best games are currently discounted on the PlayStation Store for up to 80% off. For fewer than $10 apiece you can pick up games like LA Noire: The Complete Edition ($8), Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition ($6), PS2 Classic Bully ($5), and Red Dead Redemption and Undead...
  7. creaky

    Sony to Extend PS Plus Subscriptions Following PSN Outage

    Sony has promised to extend PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions for existing users following the PSN outage that knocked Sony's game network offline on Monday. Writing on the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony thanked users for their patience while the company worked to restore the...
  8. creaky

    PES 2016 free-to-play confirmed, coming December

    After being outed earlier this week, Konami has confirmed the existence of a free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. The publisher calls it “entry level” and it’s going to be available starting December 8. Only PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions were announced. In this...
  9. creaky

    Gamer name information

    You now have the ability to enter your Xbox, PSN & Steam usernames in your profile and have them display in the postbit. You should see a couple of new icons, if completed, on the left in the postbit. To complete them goto the Contact Details section of your profile and complete the fields as...