1. creaky

    Final Arkham Knight DLC

    The final issue of downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Knight will arrive on Tuesday, Dec. 22, developer Rocksteady Studios announced. It brings back four familiar supervillains and a couple of alternate skins for Batman and his ride. The new "Most Wanted" missions under the Season of...
  2. creaky

    Latest update to Batman: Arkham Knight for PC brings 'heavier rain' and more

    Mired by performance issues and game-breaking bugs, Batman: Arkham Knight for PC has been the center of controversy since its launch. It had so many problems that it was de-listed on Steam and then re-released again, but was still unable to escape criticism from PC users. It also sparked some...
  3. kenny

    Rocksteady unveil remaining season pass DLC

    Rocksteady and Warner Bros. yesterday announced all future content for Batman: Arkham Knight. When the Season Pass was announced before the game’s release in June it caused a stir: little information was given as to the content yet the going charge for pre-order was – and still is – £32.99...