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  1. creaky

    Xbox Series SSD Expansion Cards Will Be Hot Swappable

    The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will feature internal custom-built SSDs with 512GB and 1TB of storage respectively, and if you want to play next-gen games built for the new consoles, you'll need to install them on that internal SSD - or buy a special 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card that...
  2. creaky

    Microsoft doesn’t want Xbox Series X upgrades to be paid DLC – report

    Microsoft has reportedly advised third-party publishers to offer free Xbox Series X upgrades for their games. According to VGC, Microsoft doesn’t want publishers selling Xbox Series X upgrades as DLC, and instead encouraged them to allow players to get next-gen copies of their games for free...
  3. creaky

    Microsoft have created an official Pre-Order page for the Xbox Series X

    Eagle-eyed Xbox fans have noticed that Microsoft has created an official pre-order page for the Xbox Series X on the Microsoft Store, although pre-orders haven't gone live as of yet ("coming soon"). The page itself goes into a breakdown of some of the new features coming to Xbox Series X...
  4. creaky

    Is This The New Xbox Series X Start-Up Sequence?

    Microsoft has posted a teaser video on YouTube for its upcoming Xbox Series X first-look gameplay event on Thursday, and it includes an intriguing animation that would appear to be the boot-up sequence for the Xbox Series X. You can see it in the video above, which features a glowing Xbox logo...
  5. creaky

    We’ll get a look at Microsoft’s Xbox Series X games this summer

    This summer, you can expect to get a look at what Microsoft’s first-party studios have planned for Xbox Series X. Next week on May 7, we will get a first look at third-party Xbox Series X games on an episode of Inside Xbox. It has been confirmed that no titles from first-party studios will be...
  6. creaky

    Microsoft has trademarked the Series X logo

    With the Xbox Series X slated to launch later this year the logo has been revealed which was spotted via a trademark filling by users on Reddit The logo can be seen above and is for the console itself and not a rebranding of the Xbox. It's worth noting that the trademark covers the usage of...