1. creaky

    Annual PC Gaming Show to be livestreamed on June 6

    The PC Gaming Show will be held on June 6 this year. The annual PC Gaming Show, put on annually by PC Gamer during E3, will be livestreamed on Saturday, June 6. As usual, you can expect new game announcements and gameplay footage, and other reveals from developers and publishers. Other...
  2. creaky

    Introducing Microsoft's Project xCloud

    Microsoft has officially unveiled Project xCloud, its game streaming service. At E3 2018 in June, head of Xbox Phil Spencer took the Xbox stage to announce Microsoft’s plans for streaming-based games. Concrete details weren’t available at the time, but today’s announcement makes things clearer...
  3. creaky

    Do you stream?

    Have you ever streamed any of the games you play? If you do stream how many people watched you play?
  4. creaky

    Nvidia's GeForce Experience app to introduce streaming game sharing

    The PS4 won't be the only gaming platform to allow players to share their experience with friends over a stream for much longer, with Nvidia having announced similar functionality coming soon to its GeForce Experience application. Arriving next month, the Share early access beta will give...