1. kenny

    Twitch Adds New Friends Feature, Beta Begins This Month

    Twitch users who want to keep track of all their friends will be able to do so in the future. The video game streaming company has announced Friends, a feature that lets users add friends, see when they're online, and chat with them. Friends is Twitch's third social feature added in 2016, the...
  2. creaky

    Do you stream?

    Have you ever streamed any of the games you play? If you do stream how many people watched you play?
  3. creaky

    Twitch expanding its livestream dominance with on-demand videos

    Twitch has long been the go-to site for video game livestreams, but some technical and user interface hurdles have been holding it back, while competitors like YouTube Gaming have sprung up to take advantage. Now Twitch is firing back, with a host of improvements announced at TwitchCon 2015...