1. agamer

    Twitter Now Has an Official Gaming Account

    Not long after social networking site Twitter hired its first-ever gaming boss, the company has now launched an official "Twitter Gaming" account, @TwitterGaming. The account sent its first tweet, a simple message of "Hello!," on January 8. A second tweet was sent out today, January 13...
  2. agamer

    New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games Will Be Announced Monthly

    Microsoft’s Phil Spencer revealed on Twitter earlier this week that announcements for new Xbox One backwards compatibility games will be done on a monthly basis. A fan asked Spencer on Twitter when we will hear of the next list Xbox 360 games that will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One...
  3. creaky

    Promoting the site

    I'm looking for ideas and suggestions on ways to promote the site and get some active members on board. We have a Twitter account, facebook page and a Google+ page, both Twitter and facebook have a number of followers but none of the users from there have made it to the forum. Any suggestions...