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  1. creaky

    PS4 Pro can now play 4K video via the Media Player app thanks to a new update

    Before its official unveiling, the PS4 Pro was sometimes referred to as the "PS4K" due to its (then-rumored) support of 4K video. And while the console that launched in November 2016 did support 4K in ways such as Netflix and some games, its own Media Player app lacked the compatibility. But no...
  2. creaky

    Nintendo Shows Off Switch EShop In New Video

    While everyone who has a Nintendo Switch has been unable to access the eShop as of yet, Nintendo has enlightened all of us with a brand new trailer highlighting the virtual marketplace of its new console. It looks pretty minimal, with tabs on the left for recent releases, upcoming titles, and...
  3. creaky

    Video Games Releasing in 2017

    This list of games details every title confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC over the coming 12 months. January starts strong with the return of Resident Evil, while the end of the month includes DLC for Infinite Warfare, the full release of last year’s Hitman episodes and our first look at Conan...
  4. kenny

    Sony Confirms Black Friday PSN Sale With a Bizarre Video

    That Sony will offer Black Friday deals on the PlayStation Store this year should come as no real surprise. The way in which it shared that news, though, is a bit odd. PlayStation Europe today shared a 30-second YouTube ad which--rather than featuring a sizzle reel of all the games you'll be...
  5. creaky

    Comparison video shows off visual improvements to BioShock in remaster

    2K has released a new comparison video highlighting the visual upgrade given to BioShock as part of the soon to be released BioShock: The Collection. The video below features snippets of footage from the first game's opening moments, with viewers able to see for themselves how much better the...
  6. creaky

    Just Cause 3 - First Hour of Gameplay Footage

    If you've spent most of your time looking out for Just Cause 3 news and want a little bit more then keep on reading! Square Enix and Avalanche studios have decided to give Just Cause fans a little treat and have broadcast the first hour of the third instalment. The game is set in Medici and...
  7. creaky

    YouTube gaming launches tomorrow

    YouTube are preparing to launch YouTube Gaming tomorrow which is a service dedicated to gaming content. The site contains over 25,000 dedicated game pages, supports videos along with live streams and launches on 26th August on the web and with an app. You can add games to your collections to...