1. creaky

    Microsoft introduces two more color options for the Xbox Wireless Controller

    A week after celebrating Xbox achievements in 2016, Microsoft today introduced two more color options for its Xbox Wireless Controller. According to the press release, both controllers feature the latest technologies available for the Xbox Wireless Controller range, which include textured grip...
  2. creaky

    Sony FCC filing suggests new PS4 “Wireless Adapter”

    More often than not, FCC filings give away special announcements. It happened with Microsoft's two new consoles and now it has happened to Sony. While Sony hasn't released any confirmation on the what the file suggests, it's more than likely coming. An FCC certification (via DualShockers)...
  3. agamer

    New Xbox One Wireless Controller - Build Your Own

    Microsoft will let users customise their own Xbox One wireless controllers, offering a wide range of colour choices and the ability to add your name or gamertag to the device. No word on when these options, bundled under the banner “Xbox Design Lab”, will become available.
  4. creaky

    Xbox One Controller's Wireless PC Adapter Coming This Month

    The adapter that allows Xbox One controllers to be used wirelessly with PCs and tablets is coming later this month, Microsoft has confirmed. A listing for the dongle, officially known as the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, references a release date of October 20 on the official Xbox...