1. kenny

    Project xCloud launches 2020 on iOS, Android & PC with DualShock 4 support

    Microsoft held its Xbox celebration event in London X019 earlier this week. Big M drowned us with new game reveals, release dates and much more. One particular highlight is detailed info about Project xCloud. The game streaming service is going to launch sometime next year across a wide range of...
  2. creaky

    Project xCloud beta sign-ups open today, preview starting in October

    As promised, Microsoft took some time during today's episode of Inside Xbox to talk about Project xCloud, its cloud-based game streaming service that's set to be open for testing next month. The company's Kareem Choudhry announced that registrations for the technical preview are open starting...
  3. creaky

    Microsoft will conduct first public testing for Project xCloud at gamescom next month

    In an Xbox Wire announcement today, Microsoft unsurprisingly confirmed that it will be coming to Cologne, Germany, for gamescom next month. The company provided an overview of its plans for the event, which include the first public testing for its upcoming game streaming service, Project xCloud...
  4. creaky

    Microsoft is bringing Game Pass game subscription service to PC

    Tech giant Microsoft has announced that their highly successful game subscription service Game Pass is heading towards PC. At the moment, only users of an Xbox One game console can enjoy the service. While the announcement was pretty clear, details when exactly gamers on PC can use the service...