1. creaky

    YouTube may finally be coming to the Switch next week

    With its (relatively) large touchscreen and the ability to seamlessly connect to a TV using the dock, you would think the Nintendo Switch could be used as a media device, but Nintendo has actually been very adamant about promoting it as a gaming console above all else. The company has talked...
  2. creaky

    Do you stream?

    Have you ever streamed any of the games you play? If you do stream how many people watched you play?
  3. creaky

    PS4 update 3.0 adds Twitter videos and YouTube streaming tomorrow

    Big changes are coming to your PS4 tomorrow. Sony announced that PS4 update 3.00 (codenamed "Kenshin," if you're trying to keep up with the Japanese-sword themed update monikers) will be released on September 30, adding support for Twitter video sharing, YouTube streaming, and ten times as much...
  4. creaky

    YouTube gaming launches tomorrow

    YouTube are preparing to launch YouTube Gaming tomorrow which is a service dedicated to gaming content. The site contains over 25,000 dedicated game pages, supports videos along with live streams and launches on 26th August on the web and with an app. You can add games to your collections to...