24 minutes of Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer gameplay


May 4, 2013
I'm calling it now - Rainbow Six: Siege is going to be the ultimate troll's game. The multiplayer seems tailor-made for a bit of no-nonsense obnoxiousness. Consider this: as the counter-terrorists, you'll be able to recon terrorist movements using a small drone, which skitters around the floor like a dangerously inquisitive pug. Were I playing the part of a filthy hostage-taker, I'd task one of my team with chasing that drone and sitting on it. Oh no! However will the boys in blue rescue the hostage when all they can see from afar is a terrorist's bottom? And what happens when the bad guys spill barbed wire all over the stairs?

Uncle Ubisoft has released 24 minutes of unedited livestream gameplay into the wild, via GamesHQMedia. Have a watch and let me know if you can think of any other viable troll's tactics. This guide to the tools of hostage-taking may help.

Source: News: Video: 24 minutes of Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer gameplay - OXM UK