28 hours later: The Walking Dead: 400 Days preview


May 4, 2013

For all its choices, Telltale's episodic zombie drama The Walking Dead was based around a rather authored narrative. Your opinion of the cast might change, and you exhibited some influence over how and why certain folks met their end, but there was always the sense that Telltale was pulling the strings behind the curtain. The studio's between-season stop-gap 400 Days eschews that - at least a little - by letting players choose the order in which they play the five short stories that make up this Season One DLC.

As the name implies, 400 Days covers the first 13 months following the zombie apocalypse. It will contain an entirely new cast that will be introduced over five vignettes all tied around a truck stop on a lonely Georgia highway. While 400 Days can be played before Season One, it's not recommended as some of your choices from Season One will carry into 400 Days, and your choices there will be carried over into Season Two when that comes out this autumn. (Also, 400 Days is DLC and requires at least Season One's first episode to be installed.)

Will all five stories converge? Will these new characters make up the cast of Season Two? Will Season Two take place 400 days after the zombie apocalypse? Telltale's not saying. But what it does show off, in a behind closed doors E3 presentation, is the entirety of one of 400 Days' chapters.

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