30s animation love letter Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel gets a demo


May 4, 2013

Last month I wrote about a quirky little isometric adventure on Indiegogo called Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel. Based on your comments, it seems like its 1930s era animation style piqued some of your interests. Now it has a demo available at Spanish developer Red Little House's official site.

At about 20 minutes it's not terribly long, but it gives a good sense of the game's humour with lots of cutesy fourth-wall breaking dialogue that pokes fun at the inherent zaniness of cartoon logic. The meta joke at the end is an especially timely surprise.

It's not all great, though. The puzzles are very straight-forward and easy, although characters will often address the fact that they're in a demo and will be part of a much more complex brain teaser in the full game. Elsewhere, the animations need some work as characters tend to be static during exploration, as if protagonist Cherry is executing some sort of Zack Morris-esque time out. This too could just be a function of it being an alpha demo.

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