A couple of small updates


May 4, 2013
You may have noticed we have implemented a couple of small changed to the site over the last couple of days.

1. Using font awesome for editor buttons. Instead of using images for the buttons in the editor we are now using Font Awesome for the icons. This will hopefully reduce page loading times and remove another external HTTP request.

2. New post ratings. Xenforo comes with a post Like system as standard but we have now installed the excellent Post Ratings add-on, this gives a bit more flexibility to the ratings system. Instead of just having the Like button you now have the choice of 14 different options, most of them are positive ratings, a couple are neutral and 3 are negative. See the example attached.


The ratings you receive will be reflected in the postbit to the left of each post and on your profile page, again see example attached.


Profile page

If you come accross any issues with the above changes please let us know. I havent decided yet as to which ratings will stay or be removed, any suggestions let me know.