A few small updates


May 4, 2013
A number of small updates have been applied in the last couple of days, details below

New dark style
A new dark style has been added to the site. To change to it click on the Moon symbol, if using the light style, and this will update to the dark style. When using the dark style you can click on the Lightbulb icon to change back to the light style.

Any issues with either style please let us know.

As we don not currently run any advertising all costs are from my own pocket. If anyone would like to contribute to the costs of running the site you can donate to the site, details in the sidebar.

Profile covers
You now have the ability to add a banner to your profile. To add a banner go to your profile and click the Edit profile banner button, this is available to all verified users.

If you find any issues with any of this please let us know.
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